5.0.3 Hotfix Update Has Broken My UE5

I’m a beginner in UE.

With this in mind, I had installed UE5.0.2 a few weeks ago and it was working well.

Today, I’ve ran the latest updated called 5.0.3 Hotfix, and now my UE5 is misbehaving.

For example, when opening UE5, the project window now only has “Recent Projects” and “Blank Project”. I can’t see the rest of the project presets like “Virtual Production”.
Here’s a screenshot:

After doing some digging, I came across this announcement by Epic Games: 5.0.3 Hotfix Released

In the announcement, they first talk about a warning/notice that there’s an “issue where users running on integrated Intel GPUs receive a message to update their drivers, even if using the latest.”

Well, that’s precisely what has happened to me. I’m using an RTX 3060.

My problem is that the possible solutions they’ve provided in the announcement are not explained in a beginner-friendly manner, i.e, I don’t even know how to get to those paths that they are talking about to make the necessary changes, e.g,

  • How do I get to the “ConsoleVariables.ini” to set “r.WarnOfBadDrivers” to 0?
  • How do I "edit Engine\Config\BaseHardware.ini and change “” to “101.1191” in the DriverDenyList for Intel "?
  • How do I " Add the following to DefaultHardware.ini in the project’s config directory:
    [GPU_Intel Windows]
    +DriverDenyList=(DriverVersion=“<101.1191”, Reason=“These driver versions have known stability issues and missing features”)"?

Would someone more experienced please guide me on how to implement those possible solutions?

Or should I just uninstall UE 5.0.3 and reinstall the last working version 5.0.2?

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Did you check the installer options, to get that content back?

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OMG, ClockworkOcean,

Nope, I didn’t even know to check that.

I’ve done that and now the project presets are loading well. Thanks a million!!

Now there’s only the GPU driver issue to solve…

How can I get to those paths shared by the UE5 team to make the changes they suggested?

For example, where do I find " ConsoleVariables.ini to make changes to it?

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Ini files are just off the project main folder, in the config folder.