UE5 is coming ~ What do you want?

I hope Lumen will be better than VXGI performance wise atleast or not to much performance loss, It already looks to be much better than vxgi in terms of quality. Hopefully Lumen will affect GI if its emissive material like VXGI does. Nanite unlimited polycount! omg think of the vegetation models we could use. I am very intrigued by Nanite. Hopefully it is as good as the claims!

Absolute complete noob tutorials, NO the one thats there is not newb friendly it assumes you know some stuff. I really want to understand stuff and not just copy paste what i’m being told to.
Look at what Dreams accomplished as a game, help one mans dream be just a little less impossible… Pls

I’d like to second the request for releasing (absolute minimum) feature-set- and system- -requirements. I am german, i like planning things. Joke aside, the absolute minimum would be more than fine to know, as i do prefer to use:

  • AMD Radeon Pro/FirePro
  • NVidia Quadro

series cards.

Why? Because they are super conservative in there settings, meaning performance-wise on the low-end of the equivalent/same-chipset models for gamers, but extreme stable in long-long-long-term-use, as applies for editing/rendering. It is easy and affordable to get battle-proven refurbished cards, which provides the creator to get a foot in the door when it comes to learning to use the editor, as well as for having a minimum-performance reference-system.

So, please: Publish detailed requirements for minimum featuresets of gpus/cpus as early as possible. And maybe this time even be that brave to give straight away what cards your house-internal developers use for testing and creating UnrealEngine5.


… all Best.

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Would love anything that connects with my animation projects!
We love the render in unreal, and just make sure my animated characters are transferred to UE4 safely without problem would help a lot!
Any recommendations tools?

I’d rather see a custom language based on blueprints. GDScript in Godot is a great example of a gameplay language done right. Integrating languages that don’t have 100% parity is a huge nightmare. I’d rather not see UE5 go the Unity route where they reimplement the entire c# language to make it work well with their C++ code.

Support for Windows Mixed Reality, specifically HP Reverb G2.

Yeah I prefer to use multiple languages because I like using C++

1 - Better sky with Auroras and Raining , Snowing , etc.

2 - Water physics and snow physics , etc.

3 - Easy foliage interaction

4 - Open world maps (Easy way to make them)

5 - Applying capsule collision like physics actor

6 - Easy way to edit controls and settings through a menu

7 - Under water foliage and ocean waves

OH one more thing can you make horizon zero dawn free :grinning: :grinning:

I hope UE5 has MUCH better Anti-Aliasing and support for Mesh Shader and Sampler Feedback.

I second this

I am new in this forum an on UE, but I wish an easier way to save rendered images (not the screen shoot). And I wish a stable importer ( at the moment it will not recognize c4d files, strange).
A water system that recognizes objects and interact with them (wakes on moving ships, foam at rocks or shore ).

Proper HTML5 support via WebGPU, and WebXR.

Is it really coming any time soon?
I want 4.27 and 4.28 before UE5.

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