UE5 is coming ~ What do you want?

Let me be the first: I hope UE5 have More AR/VR support, More iOS&Mac support, and More Individual developer support. That’s all :wink:


I want to know when Epic is going to announce that they found the elixir of eternal life because it would be just slightly more believable than the stuff they’ve shown off for UE5.

Edit: I mean, I’d be the happiest person on the planet to be proven wrong on my skepticism but this REALLY sounds too good to be true.

I hope UE5 has MUCH better Anti-Aliasing and support for Mesh Shader and Sampler Feedback.

I want the “Make MMO” button.

Granted. Everyone makes an MMO and the oversaturated market collapses onto self, destroying the internet. Thanks Bruno. :expressionless:

Hope they keep blueprints pretty much same with upgrades so theres not a huge relearning :slight_smile:

where is the download

I hope it doesnt crash every 5 secs

Epic, you guys blew us all away! Best news all year!
Honestly the only thing I would hope for is a simpler scripting language like Lua or Python for actual game logic with less boilerplate.

Actually, I would love to know what is actually in 4.25 / 4.26 and when we could expect early access to the newer toolsets or UE5 itself to actually learn and prepare till its first stable release. I have a little project in development for over a year and actually would love to see Lumen and the new geometry virtualization in action there. Probably on a much smaller scale than what we’ve seen on the video presentation for sure.

I want to know will it boot up quickly?
I’ve used CryEngine a little and it’s has great graphics and starts up fast. I don’t know how they did it, but maybe if UE5 can do that, that would great.

lua/pyrot? yuck ugly languages… but why they don’t support C# like Crytek and Unigine are doing to bring Unity developers over seems stupid, would be better for game modding support aswel.

Cugly? yuck, what an ugly language.

maybe it won’t change the graphics a lot. maybe it’s just a rescaling, and workflow management thing. maybe the demo is high end for commercial purposes. but sending millions polys like at the carnival. it’s just impossible. recently i had hard times trying to edit a 1 million polys cruise ship with my 7700 in Blender. not everyone will buy a 2000€ CPU. the point of these features is probably, it will be much more easy to implement meshes in the editor. as there will be a high tolerance for ressource heavy assets/meshes. but that does not means your millions polys will be rendered in game

My most wanted feature is official c# support.

while I’m hyped about the shown features I have mixed feelings about the approach. the easy migration of projects from UE4 to UE5 is very appealing but suggests this is a fork of UE4 without any architecture changes so it’s a missed opportunity to remove old/deprecated features without looking back and restructuring the core and renderer with real modularity in mind (which UE4 devs have been wanting for a while but have been unable to do).
it also suggests it will carry over many/all of the UE4 problems (i.e. device being lost: HUNG)

if I were to want something from a full new UE5 these would be my takes:

  • to separate most/all the engine modules from the current monolithic structure into real plugins. I don’t need all the virtualproduction/archviz/VR/etc bloating not just the tools but also the runtime performance.
  • ECS architecture
  • a real Vulkan renderer with proper performance improvements (hint: Doom Eternal)
  • an extensible render pipeline like Unity is doing so we can do render/lighting/etc changes without modifying the engine. proper support for shader plugins. support for Compute Shaders out of the box within the editor

everything else is bonus for me as UE4 is already great. of course one can always ask for QoL and performance improvements.

also funny thing, in a nutshell the reveal was about greatly improved graphics with realtime GI. I was instantly reminded of the UE4 reveal, which in a nutshell was exactly that :smiley:

Some middle language / scripting. Don’t care if it’s C#, ShookumScript or whatever, but being able to code gameplay logic with fast compile times and in-editor well integrated framework API.

A forum update too? What’s next, wiki reinstated?

I hope they change the Ui, it’s kind of dated.