[Twitch] Unreal Engine 4.1 Tour - Apr. 24, 2014

Going forward we plan to hold our weekly stream on Thursdays at 2pm ET (Cary, NC time) at Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine.

We hope this gives you a chance to plan ahead, submit questions and jump online anytime it suits your schedule. If you miss it, the broadcast will be posted at this YouTube playlist within a day or so of airing live.

Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

Unreal Engine 4.1 Tour – Live from Epic HQ

Join Epic’s senior FX artist Francois Antoine and senior engine programmer Ben Marsh for a look at 4.1, the first major UE4 update since the engine’s release at GDC last month. Topics include surprise to be announced, the release of Elemental Demo content shipping this week, other feature improvements, and live source code access at GitHub. We’ll also do a new community spotlight along with our regular Q&A.

Update: Here’s your surprise. :slight_smile:

You know what to do next: Ask us anything below!

What’s the status of the, for a lack of a better phrase, “migrating assets bug”. I love that we have these examples to use but migrating them from one project to another doesn’t work as I’m sure you expected. Will 4.1 fix much of this?

Also will we get a chance to dive into the infiltrator demo in the future?

Epic’s surprises scare me for some reason.

It seems a WYSIWYG slate solution that I believe is already in development, is of interest to many. Any update on this, and/or a rough timetable would be very much appreciated by me and, I suspect a few others.

Thanks! Looking forward to 4.1, and I’ll be tuning in Thursday

I really would like to know when the marketplace will be open for Users to sell or just upload their Assets/work for others to buy/download.

Otherwise I am really looking forward to 4.1 Update and the hopefully soon comeing Speetree intregration.

I don’t have any questions. I just can’t wait for stream :smiley:

Do you plan to release a point release each month with a similarly long change list, or does 4.1 mostly contain things that were sort of already done, but not quite ready for the initial 4.0 release?

Either way, I was very surprised by the speed of development and the amount of support we get from you on the forums and the blog! Looking forward to the stream and 4.1!

Here are a few questions:

  • Will there be a more complex IK behaviour than the TwoBone IK at some time? Is there any chance Autodesks HumanIK will be fully integrated?

  • How about a visual editor for Slate? Are there any other plans for an additonal UI solution?

  • Are there any plans for enabling animation-retargeting on different skeletons?

  • Is there an ETA for the opening of the marketplace?

Hello, I don’t know if this has been asked before, but… With Network Blueprinting, is UE4 still limited to just 64 players per server like UE3 without editing the source network code or is the viable number of players dependent upon how you design the networking in Blueprint? Also, what are the limitations of this feature?

I am wondering because I am looking for an engine that requires the least amount of work in that area for a mobile device MMO that I would like to make and I’d like to be able to make it cross-platform with PC/Mac in the future without using a different engine if possible. If UE4 can handle up to a few thousand simultaneous users (or more) at once, UE4 is definitely the engine for me.

Mobile and PC cross-platform MMO? Have you had a serious think about that. Unless you’re a genius, this could be really, REALLY hard to pull off successfuly.

I seriously doubt you can pull this off with blueprints alone. Or at all, actually. Not even the top competitors in the MMO segment can do this without limitations. In EVE, if you have “just” a few hundred pilots in one star system, the game is forced to slow down simulation to be able to keep up with everything, which doesn’t even include full physics collision handling. It probably has a ton of fancy networking tweaks and hacks under the hood. And they had an entire army of programmers and more than 10 years to figure that stuff out.

The Answer Hub is being flooded with both serious issues and more general “how do I?” queries. How are you guys handling prioritizing providing support? I’ve seen some serious crash bugs with detailed bug reports that have seen zero response while other, seemingly less important issues with almost no report. There was one that was simply “I’m still having this problem” with a log file attached that got a response and somebody digging into the log file to figure out the issue.

Is there some way the community can help to prioritize issues that Epic might be missing in the flood?

Thanks for posting up a QA thread. A few requests if possible:

  • Turn Based systems in blueprints.
  • How tile based movement would work with blueprints.

Cant wait!

Is there way to ship with the editor but lock out the c++? Just to make maps. As well how to setup when the game are ready to launch with some testing. In best setup guide for something like alpha game test rules that we might need to follow. knowing it just early stuff how to launch some testing for game that current being build. I seen the stagebuild but no more that.

i know i keep asking but any update on the vehicle code side of life :slight_smile:

Any timeframe for full intergration of LPV GI ? Or any idea if we’ll be able to get the source to the previous SVOGI implementation ? I know it’s been asked by many people and you said it was integrated into an older version of the engine, but I’m sure myself and the talented community will like to get our hands on it and try to get it going again. This will be HUGE if we can get it working.

I second this.

And this. Will all types of lamps get GI support soon? The dynamic GI is so beautiful, I can’t wait :smiley:

Actually +1.

I’m not interested in any time frame, but will the recent improvements that were described in Lionhead blog post will make it to the engine, or you guys are on your own right now ?

I really like the LPV that is in engine. Would be cool the get it finished with full potential unleashed.

Yeah, buddy. I third this.

Will we get more of Lionhead’s LPV integrated into UE4?