[Twitch] Tools - May 1, 2014. Blueprints stream - May 8, 2014

Thanks to all the folks who have dropped by our Twitch broadcasts so far! Following our format of Thursdays at 2pm ET, more info is below.
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When: Thursday, May 8, 2pm ET (find your time zone here)
What: Future of UT! + UE4 Blueprint & VR update
UE4 Dev Community + Epic = The Future of Unreal Tournament
Joe “Dr. Sin” Wilcox, UT Sr. Programmer, Steve Polge, Sr. Programmer / UT Project Lead, Stacey “Flak” Conley, UT Community Manager
UE4 Blueprint, VR, Community Spotlight, Live Q&A
Mike Fricker, Technical Director, Michael Noland, Sr. Programmer; Nick Donaldson, Sr. Designer, Alan Noon, Dev Rel Tech Artist

May 8th Agenda

Previous stream from May 1st
What: Unreal Engine 4 Tools Livestream
Who: Matt Kuhlenschmidt, Lead Engine Programmer; Nick Atamas, Sr. Engine Programmer; Nick Darnell, Tools Programmer

May 1st Agenda

  • Welcome & Latest News
  • Tools Topics1. What makes a great tool?
  1. How Epic works with the community on contributions, e.g., pull requests through GitHub
  2. UMG (Slate UI) - Unreal Motion Graphics - Goals and status
  3. Sequencer! Status and roadmap for the the successor to Unreal Matinee
  4. Blender support - Update on progress & how folks can help
  5. Additional features, e.g., Nick D.'s Blueprint copy/paste tool
  • Community Spotlight
  • Live Q&A

As a reminder, broadcast recordings are posted at this YouTube playlist within a few days airing live. Please ask any questions here in this thread!

Sweet! More Sequencer news. :slight_smile: I’ll be there hopefully unless it gets all laggy again.

I’d like to hear what the plans are for opening up the engine and editor (and tools) to contributions via the marketplace? Specifically how are you planning on handling integration in a safe way, one that can be easily isolated etc.

I’d also like to hear about ways to secure key data, for instance a few people have been having issues with corrupted blueprints. Can we hear about how you plan to avoid that kind of corruption within the new toolsets? (i.e. my preference is an open file format that can be stored in a source control system).

Sounds very interesting :smiley:

Yay for better Blender support! :smiley:

Four Nicks on the team hu?

/me changes nick to Nick.

Can I have a job at Epic?

Awesomeness. . I’ll be there. Want to talk about getting some physics tools, or at least more user friendly ones

Hey Crowl, you mentioned that James Golding is going to be on one of these too,

Has the plan chnaged or his name is just missing in the post? (Or maybe he’s the TBD, wink wink)

Thanks for the weekly streams btw guys.

First of all thank you guys for doing such an awesome job on Unreal Engine 4! It’s a lot of fun to work with it.

Now for the questions:

  1. Would be awesome if you can talk a bit about if you have any plans on supporting Area Lights in the future builds? I’m talking about an actual AreaLight component. So that you can chose the shape of it (rectagular, cylindrical, spherical, disc), size, color, intensity, apply textures to it (with support for animated textures) etc. Kinda like Guerilla Games did for Killzone: Shadow Fall (page 62). I think it would be a great thing to have!

  2. Now that Lens Flare editor is gone in UE4 (or may be I’m a derp and couldn’t find it. Which is a possibility :p), is there any plans on adding something new to replace it or bringing the old editor from UE3 back? Because I’m like J.J. Abrams. I love lens flares and current per-pixel solution, while it looks nice, doesn’t satisfy all my needs. I need more cinematic anamorphic lens flares everywhere! :rolleyes:

Thank you!


  • Are there any news concerning the marketplace? Release date or something?

  • As I heard some of you guys sat down with the guys from speedtree, can you share any infos about further implementations?

  • Are there any plans to further develop the IK system?

  • Are there any plans for enabling animation-retargeting on different skeletons?

Awesome content, can’t wait for details on the sequencer!

It would be interesting to hear about 2D support and on progress and plans for Paper2D. What are your goals with that? This is one of the few areas where Unity still clearly beats UE.

I know, who cares about 2D. But on mobile (and even on PC) I don’t see 2D disappearing anywhere soon. For indies this will always be a valid choice and every game can benefit from the awesomeness that is Blueprints, Materials, Matinee, Cascade…

wow thats interesting , UMG - Sequencer - Blender

just tell us what you need and we’ll help

got to ask but i know it’s still early “vehicles” , i saw the button for the template in the last stream :wink:

Epic is replacing Matinee? Is there any info on that already? What’s bad with Matinee? I didn’t use it much so far, apart from the most basic tutorials, so I really don’t know. The UI is a little big “strange” maybe.

Cant wait to hear about plans for blender :slight_smile:

My question is on the AI tools (Behavior trees): Do you have an eta on when they will be taken out of experimental and fully documented? Also, along those lines better navmesh documentation for programmers would be welcomed as well.


They said in one of the previous streams that “Experimental” is not the best term, as some of that stuff is already quite fleshed out, but is still work in progress. I thing that includes BTs.

+1 for Blender support! I’m just starting to get my head around 3D modelling for my static meshes to build levels (last time I build levels for anything BSP was all the rage!)

Since this live seems focused a bit on tools, I was wondering if there was any plan on upgrading/enhancing the current color correction tools ? I have in mind a live editing tool similar to what the Source Engine offer (see Color correction - Valve Developer Community ). Or maybe bringing back the UE3 workflow that allowed users to tweak easily the scene colors (via Highlights, Midtones, Shadows) ?

Sadly I need to leave Cary on Wednesday so will miss the stream :frowning: Would love to have made it, maybe another time! Nick and Nick will kick much *** though :cool:

Ah, was looking forward to seeing you there, well, hopefully you’ll be back soon for another one or two, thanks anyway.