The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

Here’s another idea for you,
Right now when I get the message to update an item in my vault, I have to play find the needle in the haystack because I have lots of marketplace items. How about adding a section between projects and the Vault listings called “Update” where each vault item needed an update is listed. That way its easy to find an update your assets.

Did the minimum payout amount change recently?

Have multiple accounts as the 999 asset display limit. One account and no limit would be great. Also wishlist at 50 limit is annoying, some of us have more wishes :slight_smile:
It would also great to search or filter what we own in the marketplace store. Maybe by typing “Owned” in the store search bar.

As a publisher, I would like to have an option to notify my customers by e-mail of my product updates and new releases. Like having marketing tools just inside the marketplace.


How about fix the launcher so it stops lagging because we own so many assets, allow us to hide assets. And the launcher always goes away and then we have to re-click on the launcher and re-click on our library and then retype what we had already typed. It’s really annoying it can’t remember where it last was instead it resets. I could deal with the laggyness of loading over 600+ assets but come on, let us hide the assets we know we will probably never use again. Have a small check box next to each asset that says “hide”. Then in the settings have the list of hidden assets incase we have to unhide them. The category filter is kind of useless when trying to find an asset that isn’t in the right category half the time.

Also let us hide the “My Projects” section, a lot of us don’t even use that section. I never once used it in over 5 years, this is because I have so many backups the “My Projects” is just filled with my infinite backups lol It’s really fun trying to add assets to to main project when there are over 50 copies to sift through. I always launch projects through their folder or my main project through a program I made that launches it and makes auto backups of it. Yes all these backups save me so many times! I have deleted their reference in the EditorSettings.ini a lot but this takes time away from my main project. I’m probably going to end up having my program auto delete all those project references when I get some spare time, probably faster then waiting for Epic to add the option. lol

Another annoying thing is after we buy a new asset from the Marketplace we have to close the launcher multiple times before out new asset can be found in the launcher. Half the time we have to go to the settings and click update or whatever to be able to download it. In my opinion the launcher is so clunky x 1 million.

Lastly the 1000 asset limit per account is really bogus, please fix the launcher already before I reach 1000 assets lol

I guess I’m just asking for the launcher to give us a little more control, this would speed up our productivity.


Exactly! I would like to have at least 100 wishes, it seems like 50 is for noobs lol

Have multiple accounts as the 999 asset display limit. One account and no limit would be great. Also wishlist at 50 limit is annoying, some of us have more wishes :slight_smile:
It would also great to search or filter what we own in the marketplace store. Maybe by typing “Owned” in the store search bar.

I agree, the 50 limit is really just ridiculous, I ran into it yesterday and it’s really annoying.

Also I would suggest an option to EXCLUDE already owned assets from a list.

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I would like the Marketplace NOT to delete Threads that they don’t want to be seen.

That’s my wish.

Unlimited wishlist please. Not sure why it needs to be capped at 50. I end up removing things i might need in the future.

First, sorry if these have already been mentioned.

  • Sort by Rating (High to Low and Low to High) : when there are 554 pages of assets on Sale like the one currently being held, it’s too difficult to find good deal for assets not already in the Wish List.
    Thus, it would be helpful to look at assets appreciated by the community and see if they are useful for ourselves.

  • In Library, Sort by Update Available : when an asset has been updated, it is indicated by a orange dot. It is fine, but when you have a ton of assets, scrolling to find the dot is painful. Please put an option to find them more easily.

@Entilzar For the sorting, you can use Orbital Market, a search engine for the Unreal Marketplace:

nvm it’s fixed

Thanks for the tip !

Every time we are searching for free content, we have to go through about 32 pages to find 1 or 2 contents and as time goes on, the list grows.
Please Epic, add a “Hide Owned” filter on the marketplace, everyone is begging for it.

Let me add that it should even be the default behavior, when you go to the market place it’s to get new stuff, not to see your collection (which you can already see in your library chest).

  • Fix the Wishlist. Why does it not work? It shows nothing. It did work for a few hours the last few days then it stopped again today.
  • Let me add more than 50 items please. With so many items on the Marketplace, I come across items I want to save for later, 50 adds up quickly.
  • Not related to wishlists but let me follow users. I often find someone who releases art as a collection and I like to go back to see what else they make over time. It would be nice to be allow to have a list that I can quickly access to click on.

A simple email system that would send invoice ID’s & products purchased to a specific email (Defined by the seller) every time a transaction went through. It would make the process more seamless by allowing us to automatically (or manually) validate our customers.