The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

So now that the rating system has been included what else is everyone looking to get out of the Market Place. I think we’re at a good place where we as a community can lay out our wants and desires for how the Market Place can best place to buy and sell assets.

For me the biggest is the lack of control that creators have over prices and updates. really makes the marketplace come off as hulking and inflexible. Hopefully kind of flexibility and control can be implemented sooner rather than later as competition in the Market Place picks up and we have to respond instantly to new packs that might price themselves under what’s already there. Moreover updates take way too long and some users have begun considering using gum road as a backup so that they can supply their supports with updates now rather than sooner. is completely backwards.

What does the community think? What is necessary for the Marketplace to be improved? Everyone should post their requests and I’ll keep them updated here at the top of the thread so that Epic can keep track of what updates the community wants most.


Flexible Pricing Controls

Disproportionate Pricing to Quality Regulation By Epic

Incorporating Updates Sooner

Creators Can Set Items On Sale

Mandatory Videos & Demos for Items on Sale

Game Type Asset Usage Limitations

Marketplace Exclusivity vs. Origins

Mandatory Blueprint Previews

Model Viewer

Content Streaming For Previews

Sub-Categories For Searching More Specifically

Ability to Sell Individuals Items vs. Bulk

Submission, Voting, Content delivery, and General Response Times are Excessive

Market Place Voting Integrated Into The Unreal Launcher

Local-Currency Pricing


New Ratings for Every Major Update + Ability to View Ratings for Previous Versions

Graph Showing Average Score Per Version Update

More Detailed Selling Stats

Ability to Leave Comments on Reviews

Content Providers Maintain Free Access to their Products


I would like the submitted content to be reviewed by part of a development department at Epic, in addition to the market place people, in order to exclude disproportionate price/quality ratios.


Does content creators have the ability to put there items on sales and etc? if not that would be pretty epic. everyone loves a product sale with a percentage off


I would like the submitted content to be reviewed by part of a development department at Epic, in addition to the market place people, in order to exclude disproportionate price/quality ratios.

The market should determine pricing, not Epic. To that end, Epic should make it easy for developers to adjust their prices when needed (which also necessitates a developer dashboard showing things like sales). Eventually I’m sure Epic will start doing sales , so the they’ll need a good way for devs to opt in (other than individual emails to each dev).

Here are my most wanted for seller tools:

  • Being able to push updates independently
  • Same for modifying descriptions / screenshots
  • Sale statistics, just a simple graph like on day you sold 4

For the first two points, I’m assuming that Epic always thoroughly checks the first submission as is the case now. For updates though, things shouldn’t need to be so strict so we could:

  1. Let people update their content without extra control
  2. Have an interface for people to submit updates in a format, that Epic can easily verify and approve/reject

Great stuff guys. Updated. What else?

I said it before, we need a model viewer like Unity Player for the Unity Store. way rather than being taken in by potential problems we’d be fully aware of how the model will display within the engine. Preferential that it contains the same LoD, tri, vert, uv channels, and collision preview found within viewing meshes in-engine.

Something like and no one could complain about quality.

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I would love to be able to stream the actual content for viewing. It could have some kind of encryption to prevent editing. the included overview level would be fine. would allow each potential user determine if the content meets their needs or not. The voting and comment system are already huge improvments. I would like to see the votes on the launcher.

is awesome feedback. Please keep it coming!

Epic should outsource asset update reviews to mods here on the forums (and other places if necessary).

Also, the Trello voting board is an excellent showcase of how motivated the community is to get their hands on assets created by the community. The only problem is that the voting board doesn’t seem to really make the process simpler right now - it feels like a hollow system that’s currently appeasing the community but not really driving marketplace publishes. Figuring out how to more substantially involve the community in the marketplace submission process should not only speed up the process in general, but would also be yet another step towards building a stronger community.

  • Trello voting is lacking, it just doesn’t reach enough people. I think Epic needs to integrate the voting system into their Unreal Launcher.

  • Submission, voting, content delivery, and general response times are insane. The Marketplace curators are wonderful, but I think they’re just swamped with content review. Perhaps there’s internal debates or review process that makes process extra long. It takes many days(weeks) to get a response before the voting process even begin.

  • Let the content creator have the ability to sell something as individual assets vs bulk. I much rather see the option to buy one shader from a creator for $1, then have to buy the entire bundle for $20. I rather not buy it, like many people here have expressed.

  • Have a better way of sorting or adding sub categories in the marketplace. Even though the number of content is small at the moment, it’s already overwhelming to find what you need. Sort by price? Show Free items only?

Good thread folks, let’s try to keep one on track :slight_smile:

If nobody has said it already, I’d like to have local-currency pricing on Marketplace when I’m logged in. I posted a thread on a few days ago.

As a Seller id like to see some statistics. that would be wonderful

Updated every suggestion.

I think Trello really doesn’t work for .
Submitted assets should have a tab in launcher and allow any user to vote instead of hunting for trello cards which I believe almost nobody does that.

Model Viewer :smiley:

Sketchfab are working on a PBR viewer ? i am wrong ?

If anyone wants to add any pros or cons to any suggestion I’ll add them to the OP as well.

Nice thread indeed :slight_smile:
I think Improved rating system that take into account updates is worth mentioning. Basically like Apple system - new rating for each major update and ability to look at old rating/reviews

Some things I’d love to see:


A storefront profile to showcase the items you’ve created.
Customer Ratings - Purchasers rate you
Item Ratings - Purchasers rate the items they purchase

Here’s some examples:


Some kind of mechanism put in place to allow people to co-create and split up funds.


If someone has an - instead of emailing you directly they can write a support ticket you can then answer.

Many of the other online marketplaces have these features and I’m sure they are “in the works” but yeah it’d be nice to have!


Nice thread indeed :slight_smile:
I think Improved rating system that take into account updates is worth mentioning. Basically like Apple system - new rating for each major update and ability to look at old rating/reviews

I actually supported in another thread, but began wondering if such a system is possible or easy to implement? Then there’s the whole prospect of resetting ratings once a new version is released. I haven’t had anyone report issues with my SciFi: Hallways pack, but submitted a 2.0 update which expands the asset library. There wouldn’t really be any need to reset the ratings for that, and I’m not sure if customers would be writing new reviews every time an update whether it fixes bugs or adds content is released.

In my opinion, they should allow the customer to edit their comments and star ratings. I personally have already run into an with my pack when a customer accidentally hit 2 stars when he was trying to hit 5, and the current system won’t let him change it. I noticed a few other users around the forum report the same thing. Allowing users to adjust their ratings and comments at any time will not only resolve , but also provide a much easier solution to multiple versions by allowing people to change their ratings/reviews if an is rectified in a later version.

That’s just my take on it however. =)