The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

I actually supported this in another thread, but began wondering if such a system is possible or easy to implement? Then there’s the whole prospect of resetting ratings once a new version is released. I haven’t had anyone report issues with my SciFi: Hallways pack, but submitted a 2.0 update which expands the asset library. There wouldn’t really be any need to reset the ratings for that, and I’m not sure if customers would be writing new reviews every time an update whether it fixes bugs or adds content is released.

In my opinion, they should allow the customer to edit their comments and star ratings. I personally have already run into an issue with my pack when a customer accidentally hit 2 stars when he was trying to hit 5, and the current system won’t let him change it. I noticed a few other users around the forum report the same thing. Allowing users to adjust their ratings and comments at any time will not only resolve this issue, but also provide a much easier solution to multiple versions by allowing people to change their ratings/reviews if an issue is rectified in a later version.

That’s just my take on it however. =)

It would be nice if we could sell/purchase single items as opposed to entire packs.

  • Rating system of content (you can only rate once, and if you have purchased the content)
  • Comment area for purchasers limit to say, 128 characters to prevent spam or stuff that should be either emailed or put into a forum thread.

+1 for easier methods to update content for the content providers.

Having any idea at all how much I’m selling other than through monthly statements would be great.

Videos are also super super important though. Some stuff isn’t screenshottable (movement systems, etc)

Of course it’s possible :slight_smile: But it definitely requires some changes at core level(But I hope in web it is easier to manage, dunno though) and requires additional storage.

As someone mentioned in old thread - it won’t help if some people forget/lazy to update their rating when issue is fixed. For example it’s your first release: buggy and free. Hundreds of people flock to test your content, get disappointed and rate 1/5. Now you’re sitting with 1 rating from 666 people and after fixing this issue you can’t expect that all of them will come back and change their rating based on update

I’m for the idea that has been mentioned before where ratings are stored for all iterations and can be viewed per iteration. Include a graph where you see the average score per version. This gives you insight as a buyer as to whether the author’s updates actually improve the plugin or not. With this system from the seller’s perspective if you’re on a good rating, its a bit of a shame that people’s ratings get less relevant when you push a new update, but I can live with that as a seller. It encourages me to either stay consistent or improve in quality.

With this kind of system I would love to be able to flag updates as major or minor. Only major updates would then reset ratings, so that those of us who like to push small updates out frequently can do that without worrying that it will unnecessarily reset the stored ratings.

I have a request though its not a critical one- give content providers free access to their own stuff. :slight_smile:

They need a check box on your subscription page on whether you wnat to see only official(EPIC made), official free(epic made free), free or users made paid. I personally only want epic made shown to me and as a paying member of the service I think it’s not unreasonable.


Finally , sketchfab Physically Based Rendering is here for free :

Why not work with them for a marketplace integration ?

Hire more people to curate and review user submitted content. Now that UE is free, don’t let this become the Unity store!

There is an issue I’ve encountered twice now. In both cases I love the content, but not the organization of the content. I want everything 100% isolated in its own folder when added to my project. Both the low poly foliage pack and the muzzle flashes put maps in my maps folder. Most of the other items I’ve bought put the demo maps in the folder for the purchase. Also a default location to add these to your project would be nice. I have a folder in my project called externalPackages and I’m moving everything I purchase there. That way I can keep track of what I’ve created vs what I’ve purchased.

Yes, that is exactly what I do too.
However there’s no way to move the .map files, Epic must address this; I simply delete them and move the Assets then I fix redirector files.

I would be nice if the Facebook sharing markup was fixed to properly display a preview image, as well as the shared item title & shared item description. I use FB as my primary social network, so it’s nice to see at a glance what someone is trying to share to me, as well as being able to display that for myself.


Submission guidelines require you to place all assets in a folder named after the marketplace item, so I guess the ones you encountered got missed by QA or there is a bug when importing maps. :o

I put the foliage pack on 2 computers and in both cases the maps were not placed in its folder.

DEFINATELY there should be information about current version of each content. For example - Grass Pack 1.0 , Grass Pack 1.1 , Grass Pack 2.0 - when I buy some version of the content and I am waiting for updated version - currently I don’t know if it has already been updated or not, because there is no version information in description.

I would like star ratings to require an accompanying comment. Low ratings without any listed reason or ability to contact that user makes support difficult.

I was just coming here to say this! I see some items i want to purchase one has a two star rating but no info on why they rated it so low. If it is just art that’s fine i can use my own but if its lack of documentation or functionality then i dont want to buy it. I think the unknown factor will stop a lot of people from purchasing.

Normally, you can read some comment here in Marketplace forum about all item of the market place , just need find the good thread.

A lot of sellers do create a feedback forum, but not all of them. I don’t really want to go searching for specific threads when im trying to purchase things and be productive. I see people having to create threads all the time asking people if they purchased a certain pack and was it worth it. Sooner or later the market place forum is going to be a mess with too much going on, advertising, wok in progress and feedback forums all mixed up everywhere.

Would be cool to have a separate forum for marketplace sellers support, and also if any user is going to rate a asset less then 4 stars give us potential buyers an idea of why, i say this not just for my own good as a buyer but also from the sellers perspective in mind; it gives the sellers feedback on fixes and improvements. I know if i was a seller and someone gave me 1 star rating but no additional information to understand why, i would feel stuck in a hard place. Actually it is unfair to do this to the seller. Knowing how picky people can be when spending their money the 1 star rating could be totally bogus. Maybe the art and functionality is perfect but the user doesn’t know anything about spline components so he gets frustrated and gives it a low rating because he cant figure it out and sees it as a waste of money. Now its a 1 star rating and it will most likely hurt potential sales for a misunderstanding.

Actually, what I’d like to see is the option to donate for stuff you can also get for free. Like probably some maps and models for Unreal Tournament, as I think many of them will be for free. I’d love to create a map yet I doubt anyone would ever pay for it, but maybe someone wants me to have an ice cream for the effort?

Also because some maps are so good, they need some reward other than download numbers (at least it was that way with UT2k4 - there were some gorgeous maps).
And if it’s just a milkshake or similar (chocolate, if you’re feeling adventurous). Also it’s some incentive to make more :slight_smile: