Team members wanted for learning while developing a game.

I am interested in people that would like to build a Fantasy RPG with a survival element possibly Multiplayer / Co-Op. I have a good base concept just need team members to help develop it into a game.

You can reply to this post and I will send an invite.
Please give some information about your skill set.

Hello, I am fairly new to Unreal Engine development, but I would love the oppportunity to learn and improve my skills while helping create your vision. I have some experience with Unreal Engine and Twinmotion. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me

That is one of fastest ways to learn UE4 in my opinion, have a Game Development Goal. That way you seek out Tutorials/Documentation thats relevant to your goals and progress much faster.

Unless of course your Game Development Goal keeps changing like mine did. My original goal was to focus on learning UE4 Multiplayer and creating run-time Semi-Procedural Construction/Assembly subsystems because I wanted to develop A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op FPS Action RPG Roguelike Dungeon Crawl Treasure Hunt for Cash! But, after a year or so, the game development goal changed…

then it was a Zombie Survival Game with Flesh-golem Monsters constructed from body parts resurrected by Electricity…
then it was a Alien Survival Terror,
then it was a Mixed Artstyle Hybrid Action RPG,
then it was a Next Gen 3D FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox & Asset Store,
then it was a Low Poly Shooter,
then it was a Ninja Action Game,
then it was a Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror,
then it was a Multi-dimensional FPS Shooter.

That’s some list. Game dev is so hard. You should have a documentary film crew follow you around Frankie.:wink: The last project mentions something about having ‘lost our level designer’. You moved on from that one too I guess… Overall, which projects were you most passionate about or did that change a lot too?