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ExORION Survivor: Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror

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    [UNPAID] ExORION Survivor: Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror

    ExORION Survivor
    Alien Invasion | Kaiju Open-World Survival Terror

    Modern, Sci-Fi

    Art Styles:
    Stylized Photo-realism

    True First Person (Primary) | Multi-Third Person (Secondary)


    ExORION Survivor is an survival terror that
    combines science fantasy and horror elements
    with waves of intense Action Combat,
    set in a modern world.
    Protect and provide for yourself, your family,
    and a small group of Survivors in a world
    under attack by Alien Invaders.

    Can you survive the Battle between ExORION Super Soldiers and Alien Invaders?

    Based on Interactive Fiction Short: DRifters
    & Contest Winning Short Story
    Stephen King's The MIST
    War of the Worlds (2005)
    Left 4 Dead
    Earth Defense Force
    Kyoei Toshi

    Open World Map
    Various Alien Enemies Land-Air-Sea Hordes & Titans & Stalkers
    Poly-Symmetrical Gameplay:
    Play as Survivor - Open World Survivor Mechanics
    Play as ExORION Soldier - Coop Military Campaign
    Play as Alien Invader - Stalk/Hunters of Survivors
    Play as Alien Kaiju - A destruction game for Kaiju (Arena Destruction)
    Kaiju vs Kaiju Combat Fighter
    Play as Kaiju Parasite Horde Commander / Breeder (Viral Mechanic) Infect Survivors/Make Host

    Proc Gen Landscape & Cityscapes
    Proc Gen Monsters
    Dense Customization: Character/Weapons/Armor/Shelters
    Wave-based Alien Attacks|Cool Down Timezones
    Tournament Modes
    Scavenger Modes

    Talent Needed:
    3D Character & Creature Artist (Modular Workflow + Modify Existing Assets)
    Creature Animators
    Special FX Technical Artist (versed w/ UE4 Materials and Particle Systems)

    Chat Now
    Soldier's Perspective Alien T e r r o r Kaiju Terror
    Theatrical Suspense

    Target Audience for Game:
    • RPG players that enjoy Character Customization, building the perfect array of Skills, Armor, & Weapons.
    • FPS players that enjoy a Solid FPS experience with weapon customization and unique set of skills..
    • Co-op Players that enjoy working with Teammates to battle/overcome obstacles.
    Development Time-line

    1.5 year

    Who we're looking for listed by urgency
    1. 3D/2D Concept Artist
    2. 3D Designer and Modelers familiar with 'KitBash' Creation Methodologies:
      • Organic KitBash:
        • Creature Designer, Base Body and Parts Modelling
        • Modular Player Character Armor & Clothing Pieces
      • Mechanical KitBash:
        • Modular Weapons Designer/Modelling
        • Modular Vehicles Designer, Modelling
      • Architectural KitBash:
        • Modular Architecture Pieces
        • Furniture Props Parts
    3. 3D Creature Animator
    4. UnrealEngine Visual FX Technical Artists Materials, Shaders, Particle System Niagra, Post Processing
    5. UnrealEngine Sound FX/Engineering
    6. UnrealEngine Cinematics (Sequencer Animator and Composition)
    7. 3D/Audio Diegetic UI Design: Indicators/Activators
    8. Blueprints Game Systems Programmer familiar with BP Networking/Replication.
    1. Experience with Developing in UnrealEngine 4.
    2. Can work with Existing Resources/Asset Packs.
    3. Can work with Internet Imagery We have No Concept Artist
    4. Can work with in-house Custom Tools.
    5. Can work with Google Slide Documents
    6. Positive Attitude.
    7. Can attend Online Team Meeting at least once a month
    Contact Us:
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    Research & Development
    Game Mechanics
    Player True First Person Camera System [Multi-perspective] (V8 Super Cam) Combat AI Projectile System
    Jet-propulsion System
    UI Design
    Customize w/ Full 6DOF
    Character Customization
    Parts Attachment for Armor and Hard Surface Utilities MorphTarget Support Connector Attachment
    Character Symmetry Procedural Operations
    Daz3D Genesis Character for Character Customization
    Weapon Customization

    Full 6 Degree Camera Control during Customization, Inventory, Crafting Game Screens.

    Prototype Weapon Assembly based on using a chassis in which parts are attached internally/externally.
    Creature Customization
    Kaiju Construction Kaiju Weapon Proc Creature Concept
    Creature Symmetry
    Transformorph Skeletal Mesh Customization
    Level Customization
    Collab Level Editing Convert Meshes to Parts Procedural Level Generation (Dungeon Architect)
    Procedural Actors
    Online Subsystem

    WordPress Online Services API via HTTP

    Online Store / In-App Purchases
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      Engine: UnrealEngine 4.25.4
      Platforms: PC, Others Pending

      TECHLORD (
      Frankie Taylor: Game Development Lead, Admin Support, Recruiter, Lead Blueprints Engineer, Game Designer, Investor, Founder
      ExORION: Blueprints Systems Replication Engineering – LobbySystem, EquipSystem, AgentSystem, AI Design and Programming, Construction/Customization Systems: {Creatures, Character Armor, Weapons, Vehicles, Campaign} Power Suit System, Skill Trees system, Cinematic Dialogue System, Website Interface, Steam Interface, In-app API Integration.
      I Love computer games of all genres but, tend to gravitate towards Action FPS, RPGs, and Horror Games. I desire to add more Player creation/expression in my game designs and focus on in-game multi-users Construction and Editing Applications. I choose UE4 to build my dream game project Dragon’$ Gold.

      Nick Wettstein: UE4 Blueprints Systems Programmer.
      ExORION: Construction/Customization System Programmer.
      I grew up with Lego video games and, inspired by them, I started creating a Lego character in Blender from where I kept moving and found the Unreal Engine
      I especially like RPG, Adventure and FPS

      Ricardo Camara: UE4 Blueprints Systems Programmer, 3D & 2D Artist.
      ExORION: WeaponSystems, PlayerSystems Assist, Blueprints Technical Support.
      Hello! I’m addicted to games since I was little, especially RPG, and it was not long before I wanted to be part of the development of games and work with that full time, currently I’m perfecting myself as a programmer and it’s a honor to be part of the Headless team.

      Lee Steffanily: Graphic Design, Logo Design, 3D Art.
      ExORION: Concept Artist, UI/UX Designer
      LEEJUN734 is going to put some cool info about herself here soon.

      Maillot David: Dynamic Soundtrack Composer.
      ExORION: SoundTrack.
      DART FROG is going to put some cool info about himself here soon.

      Dwayne Clarke: Sound Effects Designer & Engineer.
      ExORION: Kaiju Roar, Weapons, and other SFX.
      DWAYNE is going to put some cool info about himself here soon.

      Emma Breezy: Voice Actor, Story Writer.
      ExORION: Voice Acting, Story Writing.
      EMMA BREEZY is going to put some cool info about herself here soon.
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          We appreciate your kind words. Your Voice Work is Incredible. In fact, we're seeking a Female Voice Actor to announce Power Activation, Weapon Selection, Target Locks, Warnings and other Status Changes to the Player similar to this and this. but, with a greater range announcements to support a minimal GUI design philosophy. It's our version of HALO's Master Chiefs Cortana, with no body. LOL. Please stop by our Live Game Dev Discussion to meet the team whenever convenient.

          Look forward to working you.


          Frankie 'TechLord' Taylor

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            Looks interesting; best of luck to you on this project!


              We're seeking 3D Character Artist to create Photorealistic Military, Modern, Futuristic, Alien Parts for Armor, Clothing, Accessories, Ornaments, Accents, Body Parts for our Character Customization System.

              The 3D Artist will be with working with Animated
              Skeletal Meshes w/ Target Morphs and Multi-Pedal Creature Skeletal Meshes imported into UnrealEngine. These Skeletal Meshes are used as the Basebody in which Parts & Pieces are attached at run-time with in-game algorithms. Our Clothing System (GLAMOUR) Inspired by Marvelous Designer (MD) uses sets of Cloth 'geometry pieces' in the shape of garment patterns attached to the base body to form clothing.

              1. Rigging
              2. Familiarity with UE4's Animation System
              3. Familiarity with UE4 Material System for Photo-realistic Skin / Hair / Organics / Fabrics / Hard surfaces
              4. Dissection of existing 3D model assets for use as parts
              5. Testing Parts for proper attachment with Animation and MorphTargets.

              If you want to know more about this Methodology, Join the Fight!

              Frankie 'TechLord' Taylor
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                Do you have a playblast of a work in progress video?
                Being royalty based what is the expected development cycle time frame?

                Clarke's third law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
                Custom Map Maker Discord
                Urban Terror


                  Do you need any help with blueprints. I am decent with BP and can program ai with behavior trees. And many systems like an do system, health, hunger, thirst, etc;



                    Thank you for your interests. I also want to thank you for the amazing DAZ3D YouTube tutorials. We intend to use DAZ3D in our Character development.

                    At present there are no demo videos published as we're developing in a closed environment. We can work to setup a private screening, lets discuss here.

                    Our estimated development cycle timeframe is 1.5 years. We're Two months into it.
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                      looks awesome. Great concept, and youve got a team that can get the ball rolling faster. A natural environment isnt always great for sci fi. I would look at some other scifi games environments, and try to do some alien like vegetation, and skies. Ive been burned out on sci fi games for the moment. Not my cup of tea, but support your endeavor. Add some vehicles, land mines, and an alien environment and i'll pick up the game to play.


                        Originally posted by thadkinsjr View Post
                        looks awesome. Great concept, and youve got a team that can get the ball rolling faster. A natural environment isnt always great for sci fi. I would look at some other scifi games environments, and try to do some alien like vegetation, and skies. Ive been burned out on sci fi games for the moment. Not my cup of tea, but support your endeavor. Add some vehicles, land mines, and an alien environment and i'll pick up the game to play.
                        Hello thadkinsjr. Thank you for the kinds words and support. Its a near-future sci-fi that takes place on Earth. As ORIONs destroy the environment, it will dynamically and gradually transition to post-apocalyptic theme. There are Mutations planned that will be in the form Plants and Animals that can give a Alien-world feel.
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                          TechLord thats good. I played the first destiny and some warframe. They were ok. Most of the the futuristic games arent so great anymore. Destiny, mass effect, warframe etc have been on the decline. Hope yours stands apart.


                            Looking great. All the best of luck
                            Raed Abbas
                            Multiplayer Game System (MGS) | Nice Inventory System | Nice Lobby System
                            Dynamic Shared Camera



                              Is there any chance that you guys would allow me to stay on the side and watch how your team works? I am looking to put together a team and I would like to observe how the positions work together. Thanks, Owen.