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Your video is great, but it still did not prove that it works for Stereoscopic Video. That is where my issue is. You picked Mono Video. Please just help me understand how to get the Stereoscopic Media TEXTURE to show up in the Panoramic STAGE drop down, for it will NOT when it is a Stereoscopic Video. When it is a Stereoscopic Video the Textures save as a MATERIAL not a texture, and your drop down will not show those. It will for a Stereoscopic Photo, BUT NOT a StereoScopic Video. I would LOVE to give you great reviews on this app, and I am working with many people who could potential use your app in the future, but I just need you to debug this one issue of your app. If you can tell me how to change the texture so it really saves as a TEXTURE and not a Material, I would love your advice, but your current steps don’t work for StereoScopic Videos. I would like to use your app instead of get a refund, but I need this piece you advertised to work, and it currently doesn’t. If you need a stereoscopic Video so you can try it out, I would be happy to send you one.

For Unreal Engine, videos are simply videos, it makes no difference between mono or stereo. This is the same for the images. If they’re mono or stereo, is only determined by their content. For this reason this information must be explicitly provided to the plugin using the Media Layout option.

You’re mentioning a mixture of things that are wrong together: in the Panoramic Stage you don’t have to select the Media Texture, you need to select the video asset. You must set the Media Type option to Movie and then select the video asset in the Panoramic Media Source property (inside the Movie Data section).

We provided you a video with all the steps needed, please look at it with much more attention. What you’re doing is not what we recorded in the video, please look at it with much more attention.

If your video do not show up in the Movie Data > Panoramic Media Source list, it means your video has not been imported correctly into your project or you selected some wrong options in the Panoramic Stage asset. We already shared all the needed instructions, links and video for you. As explained, we can’t provide support for basic Unreal Engine usage.

Without a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine it’s very hard to use our plugin. If you want to continue on this, I strongly suggest you to find help somewhere, finding someone that can initially organize your project so that you can start with a working project. Sites like can be very helpful.

I suggest again to save your money and ask for a refund to Epic. They have policies about it, and you risk to not be able to get a refund if you don’t move quickly:


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Hi! Today is available the new version 1.2.0 of the Stereo Panoramic Player plugin. It introduces a new shader that improves the rendering performance (in particular on the Oculus Quest devices) and quality on some lower-end devices.

Here the main changes:

  • New shaders with better performance and precision, in particular on lower-end devices (like on mobile and Oculus Quest VR devices). Offloaded UV calculations from the pixel shader to the vertex shader, using Customized UV in full (highp) precision. For reference, the instructions count of the pixel shaders on Android Vulkan devices have been reduced, in average, of the 49%-58% (with a theoretical speed-up factor of x1.96-x2.38). On desktop (SM5) the average reduction is around 6%-9%. Full precision UV calculations fix issues on some devices where UV rounding artifacts were visible (e.g. on the right lenses of some Oculus Quest models - thanks mikeactrio for reporting it).
  • Fixed clean-up of Input Bindings in the Panoramic Directory when custom defined bindings are present (thanks sergio for the report).

We also updated the demo application (

  • Configured r.MobileContentScaleFactor=0 on all mobile platforms (including Oculus Quest);
  • Released a new, updated, binary build.

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