Stereo Panoramic Player


[Update 2020-03-10] Version 1.1.0 is out. See the ChangeLog for details. Added a new rendering mode (more efficient and supports out-of-the-box the rendering of 3D meshes). Simplified the management of custom UMG hotspots. This version is backward compatible.

[Update 2019-05-07] The plugin is available in the Marketplace:…noramic-player


Stereo Panoramic Player” is a plugin to quickly integrate an interactive, customizable player for 360° panoramic images and videos, supporting both mono and stereo media sources. The professional solution to create interactive Virtual Tours. Below an introduction.

360 Stereo Panoramic Player is a runtime plugin to show and interact with 360° panoramic images and videos, supporting both mono and stereo sources. It offers both an high-level solution (Panoramic Director), to quickly assemble an interactive panoramic virtual tour, and a low-level solution (Panoramic Sphere) to allow a programmatic customization of the user experience. It’s compatible with all the major platforms and it’s actively tested on PC, VR (Steam and Oculus), iOS and Android.

Tutorial/Demonstration Video

The Panoramic Director actor allows you to define, directly in-editor, a complete panoramic virtual tour: for each imported panoramic source (image and/or video) you can define custom hotspots to move between different media; the actor will then take care of everything at run-time, detecting when the user is interacting with an hotspot and managing the transition between the panoramic media.

The Panoramic Sphere actor gives you complete control of the panoramic experience: you can programmatically control it to render panoramic media and detect interactions with the panoramic sources. It can render images and videos, supporting both mono and stereo formats.

Technical details

  • rendering of 360° panoramic images (mono and stereo);
  • playback of 360° panoramic videos (mono and stereo);
  • support for Equirectangular projection;
  • support for Over-Under stereoscopic layout;
  • overlayed UMG widgets for user interaction;
  • interactive areas through color-coded masks;
  • graphics effects for transitions and blending with the 3D environment;
  • rendering of 3D objects inside the panoramic sphere;
  • high-level actor (class APanoramicDirector) to quickly assemble a panoramic virtual tour directly in the editor;
  • low-level actor (class APanoramicSphere) for programmatic and complete access to all the supported features;
  • all the features available from both Blueprints and C++.

Code Modules:

  • StereoPanoramicPlayer - Runtime

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac.
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows (32/64-bits), Mac, iOS, Android, VR (SteamVR/Vive, Oculus, Quest, etc.).


Example Project:

Does this support 2D textures/videos and does it offer looping?
If it offers looping does it loop better than Unreal’s native 2D video solution because that hitches/pauses on loop.

Hi! Not sure what you mean with “2D”. The plugin supports textures and videos using equirectangular projections, in monoscopic and stereoscopic formats. You can find all the needed informations about the supported formats in our documentation.

Video playback is not directly managed by the plugin, but relies on the UE4 Media Player. Looping included. So if you have issues with the UE4 Media Framework, this plugin will not help on this.

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Can you link a 360 video as a hotspot to an actor in a level or do you have to start with an initial monoscopic 360 video to link other 360 videos. For example say I had a picture frame object in a level. Is it possible to create a hotspot on the frame to launch a 360 movie when clicked?

Hi! If I understood correctly, you would like to start the Panoramic Experience from an ordinary 3D object in scene, is it correct? If so, the answer is “yes” and is quite easy: put a Panoramic Director actor in scene (configured to play a 360 video as first Panoramic Stage), on your gameplay event (e.g. when your user interact with the “picture frame object in the level”) you simply call the method Play() of the Panoramic Director.

In this tutorial video you can find the above steps around 7:00 (we use a trigger volume to start the Panoramic Experience, but the concept is the same):

YES that’s it…thank you!