Static mesh lightmap popping?

I have this odd issue in my scene where it looks like the lightmaps of many of my static meshes are just dissapearing randomly. All of my lights are static and my meshes have increased lightmap resolutions. I’ve tried so many things i’ve lost track. The images are in before/after order.

Notice the Chairs, door, and vases on the left are completely fine in this image. This happens to many other things throughout the scene.

I wouldn’t recommend this in most cases, but it looks like you’re focusing on a Arch Vis type project rather than strictly a game oriented project.

In the World Settings > Lightmass, you can try the following:

  • Setting a higher Packed Light and Shadow Map texture Size. The default is 1024
  • if the above doesn’t work try unchecking the box next to Compress Lightmaps. This should resolve your issue, but it will increase memory and disk size by 4x.

I hope this helps.