Static light-map not generated (for large object)

Pre-build, on editing the light:

After building the lightmaps:

I used to work but it doesn’t seem to now, not sure what I could have changed but the meshes are set as static, the directional sunlight is set as static as well and the flag to disable static lighting in the world settings is not checked. the last thing I was working on is to try and get my emissive textures to add light to the dynamic lighting (which I had no success with either, one of those days I guess).

Any ideas what could be making the bake come out as black? The object is outside my lightmap importance volume but I though that didn’t count for the static build pass.

I have included my material so you can see it.

Hmm, interesting. Have you edited your mesh recently? I’ve had pure black bakes like that when the UV’s were missing from the second channel I used for the lightmap. It looked great in dynamic lighting and went black for the bake like this.

Related, double check that your lightmap coordinates are set to the correct channel. You’d be surprised by what settings get changed while experimenting.

In your material editor, did you accidentally uncheck “Used with Static Mesh”? (I don’t actually know what this would do.)

Your rings are a separate object, but also seem to have a dark bake. It’s just curious.

Just for kicks, I would move your Lightmap Importance Volume to encompass the planet and see what happens. Like you, I wouldn’t expect things to be unbaked, but it’s worth trying.

I am using ‘EditorSphere’ from the core engine content for the sphere, and the UV lightmap channel looks fine to me. Tried editing the “used for instanced static mesh” flag but no dice there either.

and you are right about the rings, i thought that it was just at an obtuse angle to the light but trying to get them brighter is not working. I think that the directional light settings have just gone screwy but copying one from an older version of the level has not helped

I think i am making some headway though, as i can get some light on the panet, but only if i turn the directional light way up (100ish) so it is massivly over exposed pre build but really dark post build, like maybe it is only getting a indirect light pass.

also I tried the lightmass importance thing as well but didn’t fix the static.

Thanks for the reply by the way :slight_smile: I am starting to think that i have changed a setting somewhere that need fixing in the world info but I’ll be buggered if i can find it. Going to try a rebuild of the level to see if it is project wide.

Fixed it, it is going to seem really dumb…

the inverted sphere on which was placing the material of the stars on got it’s “casts shadows” flag set to true. so it was casting a shadow over everything. the little light a was sometimes getting was a red herring probably due to some light bleed errors due to the shear size of the thing.