Spiral Blur MF needs some adjustments...

Hi, I am getting weird results due to Spiral Blur Texture2DSample not being set to Shared: Clamped. From what I understand Texture Objects are always set to Shared: Wrap, and you cannot change it in Details panel. It looks like the HLSL code from Spiral Blur needs some changes so it sets the Texture2D so Clamped, but I don’t know how to code.

Can someone take a look at the code and make the necessary adjustments?

Original code:

float3 CurColor=0;
float2 NewUV = UV;
int i=0;
float StepSize = Distance / (int) DistanceSteps;
float CurDistance=0;
float2 CurOffset=0;
float SubOffset = 0;
float TwoPi = 6.283185;
float accumdist=0;

if (DistanceSteps < 1)

return Texture2DSample(Tex,TexSampler,UV);		
while ( i < (int) DistanceSteps)
	CurDistance += StepSize;
	for (int j = 0; j < (int) RadialSteps; j++)
SubOffset +=1;
CurOffset.x = cos(TwoPi*(SubOffset / RadialSteps));
CurOffset.y = sin(TwoPi*(SubOffset / RadialSteps));
		NewUV.x = UV.x + CurOffset.x * CurDistance;
		NewUV.y = UV.y + CurOffset.y * CurDistance;
		float distpow = pow(CurDistance, KernelPower);
		CurColor += Texture2DSample(Tex,TexSampler,NewUV)*distpow;		
		accumdist += distpow;
SubOffset +=RadialOffset;
CurColor = CurColor;
CurColor /=accumdist;
return CurColor;

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