specular highlights on translucent material

so i was looking for a way of having specular highlight on a cornea material of an eye, and it seems like no one asked this since 4.8 was out, but i still can’t make any progress

what is the propper setup for that?

Hey Razorfield,

UE4 4.8 now has an experimental feature that will create specular highlights on Translucent materials.

Steps to Recreate:

1.) Create a new Material
2.) Add a base color that will show specularity well, IE a saturated blue.
3.) Plug in a Constant value of say, .5 into specular.
4.) You can add a normal which usually works best, nothing too noise just enough to reflect the specular map.
5.) Change your material Blend mode to Translucent
6.) Scroll down under your Details > Translucency options and click the box for Screen Space Reflection
7.) Under that same Panel Change Lighting Mode to Surface PerPixel, this feature is experimental.
8.) Lastly by pressing the ~ key enter the command r.ForwardLighting 1

This will allow for specularity on the surface of a translucent material.


Hi ,

I did the exact same steps you described, but it didn’t work.
My translucent material still stays the same as it was, merely see-through without any specular reflection whatsoever.
Am I missing something still?
FYI I’m using v4.9.1.


Hello ,

Are you sure you entered r.ForwardLighting 1. You will only see a black material before you do.

Hi ,

Well yes I did.
Anyway I finally managed to enable it.
Apparently temporal AA needs to be enabled too.

Cheers :slight_smile:

In Unreal Engine 5 you can add specular to your translucent material by going to the Lighting Mode and change it to “Surface Forward Shading”.