Simple NavLink improvements


I am working with NavLinks for some time and I would like to post some feature requests here. I belive these are valid and can be considered by Epic.

Request #1:

Generated links (both SmartLink and “SimpleLink”) use color of NavArea, however this color is then adjusted in code to make it more dark and that’s what makes valid link barely visible. When I build map it is important for me to see generated links clearly.

I know that “SimpleLinks” have another link which uses original color of NavArea (see image) but that link is not relevant for me because it is present even when NavLink is invalid and anyways SmartLinks don’t support it.

I suggest three possible solution:

  1. Do not make color dark, use original color of NavArea.
  2. Swap colors with second rendering componento of SimpleLinks. So SimpleLink’s offline component will be dark and actual links generated by navigation will be bright, just like navmesh is.
  3. Just make it less dark (update DarkenColor() function)

These changes are probably super easy, I found this line in NavMeshRenderingComponent.cpp:

const FColor SegColor = DarkenColor(CurrentData->NavMeshColors[SegInfo.AreaID]);

You just need to consider what is best solution because right now, we can’t control color of generated links, even pink or red is always too dark and can be easily overlooked.


Request #2:

Normalize somehow look of smartlink and simplelinks, for example: use cylinders and second rendering component for smart link too… Right now it is pain to adjust position of points of smart link because I don’t know where points are

Request #3:

Fix SmartLinks, they don’t work at all in 4.8 (UE-16448) :smiley:

bump… even negative feedback is feedback

  • When you place nav link proxy into level, smart link is rotated by 90 degress and simple link is not.
  • Poor blueprint access to smart link functions and properties.

Is it possible to atleast consider adding feature request ?

I would love to have feedback on the reason why a NavLink is not valid (does not successfully link on the navmesh). At the moment we only have “arrow visible” (link works) or “no arrow” (link fails).