Shadows fading as they approach the solid object that is casting them

I have a C++ point light lighting up a small room with a table. When this light shines on the table, the shadows become incorrect. I have read that this can be fixed by checking the box “Light as static” in the light’s properties. But because I am working in C++, i’m not sure I have Checked the right box, so to speak. I have toyed around with enabling bCastDynamicShadows and bCastStaticShadows, but haven’t found a solution yet. The table legs are touching the surface in this picture, but I have tested with both clipping through and slightly above to no avail.


Also, is there an easy way to find what C++ member data corresponds to what Blueprint property? I can’t find anything useful on the subject.

This is caused by the shadow bias paramenter on your light. If you reduce the shadow bias, the shadow will start closer to the object it is casting it. A good balance i tend to use is Shadow bias 0.25, Shadow filter sharpent 0.125 (take in account that while this will solve your issue it might result on sharper shadows that might requiere higher lightmap resolutions to look as intended.


Look for those params on your light properties.
Hope it helped! have a nice day!

Its super close! I found and adjusted the settings, and it looks a lot better, but there is still a disconnect between the object and shadow.

I did a little more digging and found something about Lightmap resolution. Do you know anything about that? I can’t find much good in the way of C++. just something about Shadow Dynamic draw distance, which I can’t find in C++ terms.