Shadow on Foliage are not accurate way too Dark

Hello UE4 Community, Currently I try to learn making real-time Environment and right now having a problem with Shadow on Foliage it’s just way too dark It look like “Skylight” are not affect accurately on foliage?

Here with “Foliage Paint” In “Instance Settings” I set Mobility to “Static” and Shadow are way too dark seem like the dark spot are not affect by Skylight somehow
But If I set Mobility to “Movable” the result are no Shadow on Foliage

My Grass Material Nodes

Thanks for Reading!

Okay right now seem like I find a solution for this
Image Below Instance Settings I Enables “Affect Dynamic Distance Field Lighting” & “Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting” and Increase “Light Map Resolution” from “4” to “2064” and now after Build Light Shadow on Foliage look much more accurate now I guess.