Screenshot Saturday!

and another

and another one

Happy #screenshotsaturday from The SoulKeeper

Working on a taxi vehicle variation, not done but at the same time getting a video process recorded for texturing up this car.
This is for the game PROXY, here is the link to the game forum


Working on creating ‘shell fur’, Shadow of the Colossus style.

This fur is 14 polygons :smiley:



Here’s our first real shot of the new deckbuilder, and we managed to add the sorting and deck icon features to it recently. Would love some feedback as we’re starting to near the launch of the game now:

Click for bigger version](

I was just curious, is it possible to arrange a forum thread to organize the posts as most recent on top? I think this would be better for this thread in particular :slight_smile:

If you click the little arrow by the name of the threat it will take you to the last post you read.

Working on this…

Texture work today on a catwalk for our system 1 station.


Developing a combat/weapon system for a Pirate game.

An Asylum for a game called “Escape the Asylum”
Comp 1_00005.jpg

The Raid

The Vikings just arrived to the coastline of England and are fighting to get the highground


A sword I am using to learn painter, this is my first thing I’m doing in painter.

Shots from the trailer for the game Pokkit Quest!



The vaults.



almost done with the game!!!

Awesome lighting in that one.

Looks Awesome!


One of the levels in the game I’m working on.