Screenshot Saturday!

What up everyone? If any of you awesome folks are active in the twittersphere, you’re likely familiar with #screenshotsaturday](, a rolling list of game development screenshots taken on Saturday from works in progress by a multitude of developers. I’m continually impressed and inspired with the work you all are showing off in here, let’s share what we are doing with the world!

Here is a post of my own!

Remember to tag the post with #unrealdev]( and Follow Us On Twitter so I can find you on the interwebs :slight_smile:

Thanks and stay awesome

Happy Developing, Everyone!

Wait a minute, what day is it? :stuck_out_tongue: Great idea, would love to see more quick shots of what people are doing in UE4!

Here’s my contribution from this past weekend:


Since I’m apparently terrible at Twitter and can’t figure out how to make the image show up as a thumbnail, here’s the link:

I wish I could participate, unfortunately I have to wait a bit until we announce. =(

Nice. I’ve seen this # pass by, but never got to participate yet. I will definitely have a go next weekend.

How about a continous thread like Polycount’s what are you workingon thread. Not everything serves its own thread, but would still be nice to share progress (and not just on saturdays ;))

I bet Chance’s screenshot ends up trending as a new favourite wallpaper.

Yeah…something like a “what are you working on” thread would be very cool indeed! I dont use twitter and have no plans to make an account just to share screenshots^^


^ The old UDK forums had something like that, don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

I made a stickied thread here:

Oh awesome, I completely missed that. Thanks for the heads up. =)

IT’S #screenshotsaturday]( TAKE TO THE TWITTERS

Here we go, my picture for the screenshot saturday :slight_smile: It’s a small in-game preview of Caede (of course normally we dont have this motion blur :p)


Nice work, fighter5347!

When are you going to show us more gameplay videos? You’ve been teasing us since Beta. :stuck_out_tongue:

That grass looks beautiful, btw. That attracted my attention more than the character…lol

thx ^^

When the time has come, we will post a gameplay video. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually our main “problem” is that we always want to improve everything…let’s see when we will reach a state where we are satisfied with the quality (especially of the foliage) :slight_smile:

Many, many things changed since the beta and more changes will follow :wink:

Some screencaps of my Underground City, from SHADESMAN - Love Labyrinth (Shadesman: Beginnings)




It’s almost Saturday right? :wink:

Latest screengrab from our intergalactic party combat racer Space Dust Racing:

More gameplay footage here:

The one character seems vaguely inspired by Marvin Martian; this is a GOOD thing. :smiley:

Hahaha yes he does, and thanks for the kind words! If you’re interested in learning more, our art director Nathan Thomas wrote a blog post on how we design characters from sketches to final 3D models:


Character design art process from scribbles to 3D models](Character design art process from scribbles to 3D models)

Well it’s Saturday and I have a screenshot.

Link to full forum post