Screenshot Saturday!

My screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:
Untitled Action Game :smiley:

Another one from me :slight_smile:


****, already Sunday here… missed it again XD

Why is D.A.M.N censored? -.-

Here’s my contribution for this Saturday.

More postings with this project and much more about it very soon. Keep an eye out in the WIP section. :wink:

Three of us from Epic are throwing this together in our spare time.


Here is mine.

Very nice ryanjon2040, thanks for sharing!

May I ask if you’ve used a height map for this? Or is the terrain sculptured/painted?

Thanks DrDigg0R. I used World Machine to create the landscape and imported to UE4.

AWESOME work guys! I missed this week due to moving/lack of internet (joy).

Alright - thanks for letting us know!

Working to define a color palette and look/feel. Means abusing the post process & blendables till I dial it all back to a playable threshold later on.


Ghostbusters library scene right?? :slight_smile:

Hi Ray! This is in fact the Ghostbusters library scene. We got a little inspired after seeing the 30th anniversary re-release in theatres a few weeks ago! :slight_smile:

Here’s another shot. We’re still working on it. (Aiming for release next week)

Finalizing the matinee this weekend and getting final lighting and assets in this week.

Getting the particle effect for the cards in will be exciting too!


My #screenshotsaturday is about the brand new “purple virtual reality” shader I’m doing for Loading Human.
A lot of new great effects with UE4!! :slight_smile:



Looks very slick mate!

My Entry:

It’s an experiment I did a while ago based on SW:TOR’s character & environment lighting to figure out how they did it :slight_smile: I expect to have this available soon on github & zip download (with some explanation on how it works over on my site)


Edit: download available!

Looks really cool! :slight_smile:

Here is my pic for this saturday. It’s a picture from a test forest that I have made (still lot of work until the final version ^^)

We are new to the UE4 party, but here is an early screenshot of Abatron. We are currently porting from the Source engine and have fallen in love with UE4… truly, madly, & deeply. :slight_smile:


Lots of great looking projects on here!

Late to the party, as usual. Flamethrower, yay.

Screenshot-Saturday so sharing a shot of my movie “Spellborn” done in UE4


More in-depth making of: here


Bit of cheating to use a GIF for screenshot saturday, this is the result of some material fiddling I did with a transition effect moving from a single world space position.

Strange shader :stuck_out_tongue: