Referencing Other Classes Static Mesh With Multiplayer Implentation

Hello! I am trying to make my character shoot. Recently i updated all of that characters functions/ movements health ETC to be multiplayer compatible. However Now im trying to make my character shoot. Once the method is run i need to reference another class i have called bullet.
Bullet has a Static Mesh that i want to reference in my character class. I know usually i can simply just create a pointing reference to it, However here once i use the implementation method that multiplayer forces us to use it seems to not be able to find any method/ variable from that class

The Picture below is shows that this method is working outside of the implementation methods


This picture below is when i use the same code but this time in the implementation method


I Need to find that static mesh so then i can call the AddImpulse method to projectile my bullet forward.

Thanks in advance for any help given!