[Quick BP to C++] Core Redirector - Asset to C++

Added a struct core redirector in \Config\DefaultEngine.ini, tested in the following formats (not all at once):


Redirector is supposed to redirect a blueprint struct asset to a c++ USTRUCT (BlueprintType), however it does not redirect anything. The rules in this example were added one by one during testing. Adding multiple lines at once results in a logged message that there are “conflicting rules”.

Properties, datatables, BP nodes using old struct datatype (BP) should be redirected to c++ datatype.

Actual result:
Nothing happens.


Can this be automated or am I going to spend all summer on manually making / breaking / clicky clicky blueprint nodes?

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Have you tried to fix the conflicting rules? Some are the exact same OldName :slight_smile:

But other then that I think that for redirect Blueprint stuff you should do something like this (I have never tried BP to code only code to code):


“(Optional) Specifies a change to the underlying class of the UCLASS. This is generally used to change a Blueprint class to a native class.”

I tested the rules one by one, I just posted them all at once to show what I have tried already. At one point I tried them all at once just to see if the log would show anything and that’s when the “conflict” message appeared, so at least I know it is doing something.
Using the rules one by one results in absolute nothing, not even a log message.

I’m going to test this, I thought documentation wrote this for UCLASS only. Will reply after testing.

This format has been tested and does not work:


Did some test and I can’t get it to work either for BPStruct to CodeStruct.
Nothing even happen if I try to redirect BPStruct to BPStruct…

Redirect CodeStruct to CodeStruct work fine.

So not sure if there are some more magic you need to do or if it’s just broken.

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Related for c++ to c++ and probably BP to c++, to make the matter more complex the redirector may fail silently after adding it properly.

Widgets destroyed after moving c++ class from project to plugin

Hi! Have you been successful?
I’ve been trying all day to replace the BP structure with C++. I was able to do it with ENUM, but the structure is unresponsive.

Not at all. I gave up fighting. This is another dead / half working feature. Best to start from scratch in c++ and develop modules one by one, then at the absolute last moment implement blueprints if you absolutely have to.

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