Proper PBR setup with static lighting disabled possible?

I was wondering what a proper setup to get PBR materials working with static lighting disabled looks like. The issue is that PBR materials require reflections to work properly. But reflections according to the documentation are completely reliant on lightmass (using reflection capture actors).

the current implementation of reflection capture actors for dynamic setups via diffusefromcapture=1 seems to be half way there but unfortunately produces bad results in a pretty basic setup like a simple interior room, which makes the probes capture not the ceiling but the sky outside of it, casting a reflection of the sky on the ground.

So my questions are:

  • have I overlooked something in setting this up properly?

  • or is this something that is being worked on to be supported properly in the future? (haven’t found neither any statements on the forums nor anything about it on the trello roadmap.

  • if it’s not on a roadmap yet, is it possible to put improvements to this in as a feature request?

I think PBR is a very important part of a modern engine and I would love to see this supported, I think it would be a very general feature that many could benefit from!

thanks in advance for any suggestions and illuminations :wink:


Hey akaChrisV,

We are aware of the limitations you have pointed out in your post, and we have quite a few reports in to fix and improve the reflection capture actors. Getting something to be physically accurate is not completely dependent on reflections, as the material editor is where you create the PBR material so it renders accurately under any number of lighting situations.

Our Senior Graphics Programmer provided a very in depth explanation of shading within our engine. We also have a number of other resources which you can also explore.

Real Shading in Unreal Engine


Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,