Precomputed lighting per streaming level

Newbie question:

I’m trying to create “portals” to another levels from my main level. I’m trying to achieve this by loading stream levels. At first they are hidden but when player walks through corridor, the new level loads (implemented with trigger volume and level blueprint’s Load Stream Level action). So far I have managed to load new stream level but I have one problem: when I build precomputed lighting and start playing, I can see shadows from the stream level before it is loaded:

Is it possible to precompute separate lightings per level? In my example I would like to create multiple streamable levels but I would not like to see the shadows from them in the main level before stream level has been loaded.

Many thanks in advance for any tips and advices.

Hey tkorkalainen -

It looks like you floor is in the persistent level which is always loaded and has all shadows applied to it. Try moving the floor into each level and have it load in each time, this way each version of the floor will only get the lighting that the level it is in has built into it.

Think about it like lights should be highest order or in a persistent level while the objects they are lighting should be in a lower order or a streaming level.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum