POM circular distortions

In working with POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping) materials, I came across a strange issue that shows distortions at a fixed distance from the camera (in all directions). It’s not super easy to see in the picture, but very visible when moving, since the ‘circle’ of distortion moves around with the player.

It’s different form the issues related to PDO (Pixel Depth Offset) reported by others and occurs regardless of PDO use.

It’s also not influenced by the amount of POM steps or the position of the reference plane.

Since I spent a day finding the solution to this problem, I thought to share it here in case it helps anyone in the future…

So it turns out that the issue is in the weight of the normals in the mesh.

It can be solved by opening the Build Settings in your mesh, checking “Compute Weighted Normals” and Apply Changes.


Many hours of searching. :slight_smile: