Please include a version tag : go love yourself UE4

How to what.
I’ve tried EVERY variation and NOTHING I type satisfies this condition.


Somehow got it.
I’ve had to add the tags: Question, C and then scroll down to whatever 4-xx is proposed.

While annoying, indeed, this is being worked on:


Recently, I have not been able to find any version tag when trying to ask a question. I click the + button, type 4-26, and nothing shows up. Ridiculous.

Are you seeing this in all sections or the forums or particular categories?

I have the same issue on Firefox and Chrome. I can only respond to post already made. There are no Unreal version tags for my login. So I can’t ask a question anywhere in the forum.


Questions created in a category need an Engine version tag and a tag relating to the topic that has a relationship with the category that you are attempting to post in. However, you need to select the topic relationship tag first and then the Engine version tag

If you’re still experiencing issues, a screenshot/video would be helpful for us to reproduce the problem you are facing.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I was stumped on this too. The confusion for me stems from the fact that the error feedback is located on the title implying that you need to put the version tag in the title, but the actual version tag to be applied is on that spot on the bottom-right where you tag a thread as a ‘question’ ‘bug-report’ etc.

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On my profile:

  1. I browse to the forums in Firefox.
  2. I click “New Topic”, “New Question”
  3. I type a title.
  4. I type a category “c++” and click whatever shows up.
  5. I type some content.
  6. to the right I see “question” and the + sign. I click it and type “4-26”.
  7. It says “no matches found”

Which results in the error message that I should include a tag, while I am never able to post my question.

What happens if you use one of these tags before attempting to add an Engine version tag?

Thanks, if I add the “Abilities” tag in the tag field I can then add the engine tag.
How confusing, what is the difference between the Categories and the Tag fields now?

:thinking: Wonder what kind of Tree Swing Epic support would design?


I just can’t explain the forums other than this right now. It works to some point but it could be so much more with the right people on UX and frontend dev


With the forum reorganization, many categories were merged. Though due to the vast amount of use cases and relationships with the categories, it was important we relied more on tags, especially when the AnswerHub migration happened.

The category represents the overarching topic, whereas the tags allow users to be more granular with what their topic relates to. This way also reduces the number of categories and subcategories on the forums.

Each category has a tag group assigned to it, which contains x amount of tags relating to the overarching category. For example, the image below is the tag group set to Programming and Scripting, and the subcategories nested there; Blueprint, AI, C++, UI, Multiplayer & Networking.

Due to how the forum currently operates, there is a clash with the tags. Questions require an Engine version tag, and categories require a tag from their respective tag group- but it currently only prompts for an Engine version tag.

We’re exploring how to do this better from a design perspective to make this more intuitive. One idea is that there are two tag bars, one of which is strictly for the Engine version throughout the forum and the other relating to user-input tags/tags required in a given category.

I hope this helps make sense of the way it currently operates!

Once we’ve done some further tag organization, we plan to create an FAQ of sorts that will outline the tags in a given category tag group :slight_smile:

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This is a quick read… Its thought provoking if you give it a chance… It sounds like re-designing the forums is actually making things more complicated and the added complexity is actually breaking things. But hey just a thought… :wink:

Thank you for the explanation. If I understand this correctly the tags are used like “keywords” to quickly describe what content a post is about within its selected category.
Regardless of how the backend works, the frontend should be as simple as possible. Users of The way I see it, users of the forum could be presented with the following three steps to set up categorization requirements:

  1. Select an engine version.
  2. Select a category.
  3. Choose content keywords (tags).

I would absolutely avoid making things confusing by adding bars to a single panel or by presenting the user with many options to choose from at once like it does now, which is bad UX.



Hopefully the moderators are so busy implementing better Ux on this forum that they haven’t had time to implement a merge feature yet.

heres an idea… do away with this confusing, bloated, system so normal people who use the internet can ask questions on the forum. I have totally bipassed the question part and just post to the conversation part of the forum because i cant make these stupid forums work.

heres an idea… do away with this confusing, bloated, system so normal people who use the internet can ask questions on the forum. I have totally bipassed the question part and just post to the conversation part of the forum because i cant make these stupid forums work.

Not to mention this was way easier back in the day of the answers page being seperate from the forum… There you could create whatever tag you wanted.

I cant even make the edit post button work… I edit the post… but it simply wont save my changes… This forum is a disaster and its more difficult to use then any game engine ever could be.

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Happens to me as well