Please include a version tag : go love yourself UE4

I can’t even re add the question tag if i remove it. I cannot find any engine version tags… i try to type them out manually but it wont add anything…

I still can’t figure this out.

I saw someone say plus sign at bottom right, and there isn’t a plus sign on the bottom right.

I am slightly visually impaired, so this is the worst forum I have ever been on. I have asked questions here before i thought.

My question has nothing to do with any version number, it is why do Marketplace Items have ‘Add to Project’, not ‘Download to my hard drive or library?’ I don’t get purchasing something for 1 project. Sounds like a bad way to download content.

Your forum keeps me from asking any questions.

As for how to make it better? YouTube has very easy tags. Create a text box with a label: Tags. Then when someone types in text, and hits a comma, it becomes a tag.

You guys can program 3D environments, I couldn’t do this if my life depended on it, but tags I can do. You need to hire less smart people for your forums, and leave the smart people to the 3D content.

And while I am ranting, why do you want to load thousands of shaders every time I start the app, if I am only going to use none, seems like just a way to make GPU’s smoke.

Back to the topic at hand, I wish I could post a question here.

I can’t find the tag


Which area on the forums are you attempting to post this in?

You can always try posting in the UDK section of the forums. :stuck_out_tongue: Which is the completely wrong section of the forums for UE4 / UE5 versions of the engine by the way. But hey new threads are getting created there all the time with no checks and yet 5.0 tags - go figure. :grin: