Forum Bug: if you tag your post as "Question" then you're forced to specify a version, but even after you do, the sytem keep asking to specify that tag

As per title – if you tag your post as “Question”, then the system asks you to specify an engine version as a tag. The examples provided specify the format UE-version number (e.g. UE4-27), however those tags can’t be inputted – you can input though 4-27, but even after you do, you can’t post because the system keeps again on asking to specify an engine version in one of your tags.

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Hey there @Fraps2020,

Thanks so much for posting this and bringing it to our attention. Would you mind filling out this bug tracker so we can get all the details?

Cheers and happy developing!

Hey Fraps-I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

sent a video to skyeeden with all the repro steps you need

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Can’t do this either… this is great, not only can I not do what I need, I can’t even post in the one place where someone could help me…

Please fix ASAP - just remove the form error check for engine version for now please

Which category are you attempting to post your question in?

Each category has a tag group assigned to it- so a relatable tag needs to be added to your post before you can select the also required Engine version tag.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have the same troubles, but this shouldn’t be news to you…

But it might be possible that it’s just the Ux that’s extremely unintuitive.

Yea i cant make the question part of the forum work at all… i just post my question to regular parts of the forums.

Which area of the forums are you able to post your question? Is it just that the flow is not intuitive, or does this still not work? Providing a tag relating to the category is input first, as the prompt suggests, and then the Engine version; there shouldn’t be an error.

Please let me know which category in the forum won’t allow Questions, and if you could also send a screenshot/video, that would be great. Thanks!

So apparently i finally posted a question, but you have to post to specific tag like ANimation… you cant just tag retargeting for example… In fact… if i include retarget as a tag it wont let me post at all… it tells me to remove it. The engine version only shows up when you use one of the few tags that work like Animation. The system is stupid… Its like a retarget tag exists but im not allowed to ask any questions with the tag turned on.

Also if i remove question… i cant readd question.

Also i have been posting to the regular forum part that does not require these tags… The discussion section… the Q&A section as i said… is really difficult to even comprehend how to ask a question with this stupid tag system.

Also my advice… do away with this tag system… its overly complicated. Answers unreal old website was awesome. This one… is like trying to figure out a puzzle with no instructions or rules on how hte puzzle works. Get rid of it. Start from scratch or give us the whole answer website back. At least let us tag it as whatever we want and have a seperate drop down menu for engine version. This whole limitation of only tagging what is available is just bad… Like how are we even supposed to know what the available list of tags are?

:exclamation: I noticed this bug shaking at me and frustrating me and I simply delete the ‘Question’ tag altogether by selecting the dropdown and then removing, so I’m able to post in certain forums.

I don’t know if I should start a new topic, but I just managed to ask a question and two really bad UX things happened:

  1. I was browsing in the Rendering “subforum” (or whatever you call it these days) with the “material” tag highlighted, and yet when I clicked to post a new Question, those fields were empty.
  2. Even after I manually filled out those fields, I wasn’t allowed to add the “material” tag to my question.

EDIT: This is probably also the wrong thread, but searching on this forum is absolutely a nightmare… clicking on this icon removed all the categories/subforums and tags I’ve selected…

Oh, and what the heck, my tags have already disappeared in that screenshot? You can’t filter for categories/subforums and tags at the same time? :weary: