Parts of foliage are turning black?

Hello, I have just rendered my scene in Unreal Engine 4.11. I set the lighting quality to Production. I made a forest scene and everything looked great, the ambient occlusion on the trees, the post processing, and lighting was great on everything except for the grass foliage that I placed. This grass foliage was taken from the Kite Demo so I assume that it is very well made and if it’s being created by the same people that DEVELOPED the engine itself, then I assumed I wouldn’t get weird lighting issues on them, so maybe I have a setting or two that should be changed to fix this weird shading error? I have not changed any lighting settings on any of the foliage actors and everything has been left vanilla. What are some ways I can go about fixing this issue?


Are you sure that’s not the shadows from the surrounding trees?

I would say that that is a possibility, but this has happened in my other project with no trees around the grass foliage.

Same problem

managed to find a fix at last
if you edit the mesh and apply recompute normals
suddenly your foilage looks better
works on trees too

problem fixed at last

hello can u pls explain step by step on how you did that pls