Paragon Character Meshes

A lot of comments for hair have been forwarded to NeoFur, since it’s features partially allow for strand mechanics…

I think it would be helpful to users wanting to get into character design to have access to some of the Paragon meshes as examples, so they can learn how to build and animate hair, or (possibly) combine them with NeoFur.

Won’t happen.

Better examples are indeed needed, but there is no chance that they will actually share those assets.

They might be releasing a bust of one of the male characters as an eye/hair/skin demo in 4.13.

I sure hope so.

This is accurate. The current plan is to remove the old models that did not show off the feature well enough and replace them with a new head bust. It is scheduled to release with 4.13.

EDIT: Correction on model.

Hey Alex! Any updates on the new bust? Was this announced anywhere?

It’s still on the way. As a note, there was a change from the original plan to use a Paragon mesh. Instead there is a new bust coming that is very similar to a Paragon character’s head and will be able to show off the features better.

Thanks! I am looking forward to the model. I want to try some of the techniques out on not only the clowns I have in game but the dolls and insects as well.

Any ETA on this?

Also wondering what the ETA is.

Been waiting soo long for a good hair shader example.

There have been delays but an asset is still on the way. Sorry no solid ETA, but hopefully within a few weeks.


That’s very nice to hear :slight_smile:

There was an unusually humourous guy asking about this over in Content Creation :

And he’s just noticed that it’s been a few weeks since the time stamp of your post Stephen :slight_smile:

Any news on this?

Will 4.14 include this learning resource?

Would like some updated information also :slight_smile:

I understand that we are making progress. This has certainly taken longer than expected, but the asset is going through review and final documentation pass soon. I still don’t have any definite time of delivery.


Any news on this?

Any chance this will be available with the 4.15 release?

Looking forward to this. Would be very interesting to have a look at.

Though I will avoid making promises, that is the current scheduled release now.