Optimizing lighting build, and more.


I am trying to improve the workflow with performance using UE4 without the loss of result. One of the major issues is the lighting build. I spend most of my free time on building the light and lightmaps since my game is very dependent on that setting. Also I need to use the production quality setting, since building with a lower setting would make the light act in a different way than I want it to.

Also it is worth to mention that I am not running on a highend computer. Its 3.2ghz i3, 8gb of RAM and a Geforce 650 GTX Titan card. Is there a way to improve the overall performance and / or lowering the lighting build time without the loss of quality and darker / weird light behaviour?

I am generally trying to keep a low polygon count, but with moderate model quality.


Not sure if you already know this, but under the Volumes section, there’s the Lightmass Importance volume. Drag it and resize it according to your needs. Bassically,what it does is that it reduces the lightning building from the entire map to your box’s content.