NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

I will update with the LPV changes, was planning on doing that, but had forgotten, so thanks for the reminder. As for turbulence. I believe Epic went with their own GPU particle solution in the end so as to remain GPU and OS agnostic. But Turbulence now encompasses more than just GPU particles, it also includes what used to be called FlameWorks (Please correct me if I am wrong here).

Will try to merge Turbulence and WaveWorks as well.

Wait what? Turbulence? really?

I second Daniel’s request to include the LPV update, unless it provides too much work, maybe it could be added later on maybe? But the general thought of providing the user a cheaper alternative is a good thing.

Also, you are right Daniel. Some of the features of Turbulence are already included in the cascade editor, but maybe Nvidia updated or extended the functionality? Does anybody know how to integrate APEX/NVIDIA Turbulence into UE4? - UE4 AnswerHub

Maybe Mike could tell us more about this new branch?

@Alexey. Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

begging for help!!!pleassssssssssssse!!!

I downloaded the UnrealEngine-4.8p3_VXGI_FleX_HW_HBAO


what should I do to make it work???

sorry for my english

Run the setup, select N for no, and let it download all the files it needs to.

Sorry for the lack of fanfare, I pushed it to the server late in the week, and hadn’t finished my round-trip testing yet. I’m working on that now. This branch has Turbulence integration on top of UE4-4.7.6…and yes, we do plan to upgrade to 4.8 ASAP.

Edit: I ran a clean test using a fresh clone, the branch appears to be complete and functioning properly.


Thank for your help!!!It finally works!!! Thank you so much!!!

no thats fine. So now we have ability to simulate fluid fire, smokes right?

Hmmm, not sure about that. Turbulence is usually used for spells, weapons effects, etc. It is a grid-based fluid simulation into which you inject particles. The particles are rendered, but generally the fluid simulation itself is not.
why!! the link = 404!!!

Make sure your logged into your github account and that it is linked to your UE4 account as per this link:

Okay I have updated my merged branch to the latest 4.8 build. You can get the updated branch here:

This is just the same as the preview 3 one, contains VXGI + HairWorks + FLEX + HBAO+. Now also contains RyanB’s POM material function. I will add Turbulence and WaveWorks (If I can) and also the latest LPV improvements from Lionhead

You rock! thank you.

Hello Galaxyman2015 , thank you very much for updating the merged branch to the latest 4.8 build.
After the setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat , I built the entire Solution UE4 (with 42 projects) (So, I did not compile ShaderCompileWorker separately.). Then in the Doco folder, I get VXGI , Hairworks and Flex folders with their documentaions , but there is no HBAO+ !!! Can you please guide ? Why is HBAO+ MISSING ?

Note : I downloaded the ZIP file, , to get the code from your Github , instead of cloning from Github .

Coz there was no HBAO+ doco at the time. If there is now, I will add it.

Thank you very much Galaxyman2015 for the reply. I request for a small help.

I wish to observe the effects of HBAO+ in UE4. Before starting Unreal in UnrealEngine-4.8_NVIDIA_Techs/Binaries/Win64 - UE4Editor.exe , I set r.HBAO.Enable 1 in UnrealEngine-4.8_NVIDIA_Techs/Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini . After the engine starts , can you please guide as to how to see the HBAO+ effects in UE4 ?

As far as I understand , it is for ’ special soft shadows '. (For example, to observe the VXGI effect , we need to select the light elements, as every light element in the scene has a VXGI parameter to vary for effects. ) When I open NVTechDemos/NVTechDemos.uproject , it opens HairWorksExampleMap as one of the tabs .

Please help …

r.HBAO.VisualizeAO 1 in the console should show u the AO contribution.

The NVTechDemos, are my demos, they are in no way connected to NVIDIA, there is a HairWorks demo and two VXGI ones, they aren’t anything spectacular, just some quick examples to show the tech.

Can you give a quick overview which features/branches will work on XB One and PS4 ?

Yeah, would be nice to know how fast one could meltdown one of these with GameWorks. Just kidding. I would like to get some clarification too, but for a different aspect.

It would be nice to know how well (or if at all) the current provided techs (WaveWorks, HBAO+, VXGI, Flex, HairWorks and Turbulence) work on different gpu architectures (Maxwell, Kepler and AMD ones).
Some kind of table or rough explanation would be very nice, since I have no way of testing these techs across different GPUs. I only have my single 970 and nothing else, so getting a bit of light in the dark would be appreciated.