NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Place for NVIDIA Gameworks discussion and information about the integration of gameworks into ue4 and its progress.

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Old: So, as I was asked to put this question here, is there any work being done on integrating NVIDA Gameworks technologies? As it would be really awesome to have them i the engine.

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I think PhysX SDK can easily be integrated using C++, it doesn’t matter if it’s a third-part tool :slight_smile:

UE4 already using PhysX

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I actually mean things like flameworks, waveworks, fluids, flex.

The framework is present for it to be integrated but you’ll need to license some parts that are not freely available.

Taken from Nvidia’s Page: PhysX SDK | NVIDIA Developer

From my understanding there is no work being done to integrate this into the engine. As James Golding has said before regarding other Nvidia tech it would need to be available in a cross-platform method such as Cloth and Destruction are handled.


how about TressFX? A fairy told me that version 3.0 with fur support and maya plugin is coming soon. Oh yes, public sources and no gfx mafia license restrictions.

I’m in full support of BOTH Nvidia & AMD tech integration, but I do completely understand that other things stand as a priority, since these solutions are very one sided, especially the Nvidia ones. That said, I would assume that Nvidia and AMD would each be working on integrating their tech into the most popular engines as plugins.


I posted a fork of UE4 with WaveWorks integrated on a branch. The sample content is minimal, but you’ll find some documentation lurking in the ThirdParty folder under WaveWorks.



Wow! You come bearing gifts I see, this will be fun to tinker with!! :wink:

Thank you Mike, Happy Holidays!

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My pleasure, hope you find it useful. We’ll be adding more sample content and features in the coming weeks, including Gerstner waves for shoreline interaction, boats with buoyancy, etc. We’re also working on integrations of the VXGI global illumination system, hair and fur, FleX multi-physics, and grass/vegetation package, among other things.

Happy Holidays!

I’m working on a project using Gerstner waves right now actually, everything is implemented inside material functions instead of code, except for Buoyancy at this point (which I haven’t released, but is almost working). It’s not anywhere near as fancy as WaveWorks, but it has been an interesting project so far. Here’s a link with it implemented in case you are interested.

I thought WaveWorks used FFT instead of Gerstner waves (Tessendorf’s method)? Or are there multiple variations?

That’s awesome! There are so many requests for all these features lately, it will be great to see it integrated! Thanks Mike

Wonderful, yes, I’ll be taking a good look at that ocean project. Sailing is one of my major passions, and I’m looking forward to the development of all of this water tech. Sailing simulators aren’t the most popular genre, but I think they are due for a tech upgrade.

Yes, the basic WaveWorks feature is an FFT generator, but having worked closely with developers on a few applications recently we added Gerstner features for better control over near-shore behavior; key gameplay zones are typically near a shore, rather than in the middle of a fully developed sea. I’ve seen several posts on the forum about buoyancy and shore-zone waves, and I’m not claiming that our integration will be everything to everyone, but it should be a good start.

This is awesome, Mike!

You are a machine! I’m getting and checking out your vehicle and WaveWorks builds now.



You are absolutely awesome!!! :smiley:
I’ve got a question though, I just looked through the code and pdf file, and it seems so that you can use the cpu for waveworks simulation, is that true?

There is a build of WaveWorks that runs on CPU, but the one checked into this branch is GPU-only, based on CUDA. We are also working on a DXC version.

Aww, shucks. I can’t take much credit for WaveWorks or the integration into UE4; several people at NV are involved in that, I’m just the last link in the chain in our effort to publish all this stuff on Github. But I’ll be the one listening to feedback and pushing for any requested changes, improvements, etc., so fire away.


Awww man! Awesome stuff.
Never really cared about water in games, coz it looked how it looked. But with WaveWorks simulation, even puddle will be impressive :D.

Cool! My current implementation needs a lot of work, no sailing so far, but this will help out a lot! :slight_smile:

Ah ok that makes sense now. I have been meaning to test out FFT in my project once I get a bit further along with it, I want to make sure the Gerstner implementation is a fully functional ocean simulation before starting work on that.

Again, thank you so much Mike (and all those behind the scenes) Christmas came a day early this year thanks to you! This is so cool Mike. :wink:

@inside: Looks great hey? even more coming soon, including VXGI, Hair & Fur, FLex Multi-Physics, and a Grass/Vegetation package, plus some others…

This is such great news, I’m thrilled to see these features will be integrated, can’t wait!!! :smiley:

Looks like I have a reason to upgrade my PC from a AMD 6850 HD to a GTX 970.

Thanks Mike - Happy Holidays and have a awesome new year!

Hey, it seems to be that you need the lib file to compile it, which I think we don’t have access to, is that true?