NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Wow, news. Can’t wait for GI and hair, keep up the good work NVIDIA!


I wonder will be eventually integrated into UE4 as a module, or is NV going to keep running a parallel branch?

Kinda inconvenient to have a separate branch right now, as we then have to merge back changes from epic/ into it (unless your branches will be up to date with epic?).


Which lib? When I committed that branch, I checked out a clean copy and it built for me. If there’s anything missing, I apologize and I’ll check it in as soon as I can.


At the least, I can say that we will make every effort to keep it up to date. We want tech to be accessible, one way or another. I’m open to all suggestions.


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Thanks for reading on Christmas. :slight_smile:

Well. I know from my own adventure with getting the Editor to work in Linux that running parallel branches is pretty tough, and I suppose if there’s no other way around but changing Core API, then it is what is.

But otherwise, if could become a TPS module then it could be a matter of dropping it into the Engine/Source/ThirdParty/ and compile from there.

Also anyone from EPIC reading :

I guess there’s a whole licensing part that is not being discussed yet and if I may suggest that I would gladly pay couple of more $ extra on my monthly subscription if Epic and NVIDIA could work out a deal to integrate the entire suite of technologies into the base engine/subscription.



In the source directory, third party, waveforks there is no lib directory nor the needed lib, and visual studio is complaining about it.

Sorry about that. I’ll fix it ASAP. Not sure how that happened, unless Git is configured to automagically ignore lib directories because of size limitations.

I’ve attached a zip file with the missing libs. I’ll upload to Github next I get.

Thank you very much!

Does the waveworks have a specific Graphics Card requirement like VXGI because I was able to run and open up test project but the OceanMaterial is all Black.


Yes, I think there is. Any recent NV card should do (I’m not sure of the product numbers offhand, but I think any desktop card in the past few years is OK. I run it on a 670).

Then there is something I am not doing properly because I have 690 card and when I compile and run the test project, the ocean material is all “black”.
Is there someother settings that I have to set it up?


Do you have the latest driver? Are there any errors coming out on the console? I’ve seen that before when the shaders didn’t compile correctly.

I am getting warning : “LogD3D11WaveWorks:Warning: FD3D11WaveWorks Simulation_CreateD3D11 FAIL”
I didn’t have the latest drivers and m downloading latest one right now.


Yup. It was driver update. Working properly now.
Thanks for the help and amazing job integrating it to UE4.
Can’t wait for other gameworks parts to get integrated.


can some one record video of waveworks in unreal?

Finnaly had time to check it out. It looks really nice!!! However, I’ve got a question regarding licensing. If we’d like to use in our projects, would we need to contact NVIDIA for a license, or can we use it freely with ue4?

The code checked into the UnrealEngine/NvPhysX branch is free for you to use in any Unreal project, but it can’t be ported out of Unreal into another code base.

Why would you use anything other than Unreal? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Great stuff, really looking forward where is going :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to find any Waveworks folder in the GitHub branch, it compiled without any issues, but theres also no documentation that I could find.
What could be the Problem?

I’m working on a ship simulator for my high school Project, so I thought it would be great to use Waveworks for the river :slight_smile: