NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

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Funny contrast, how some things seem so easy to me others fail miserably at, and then when I wanna try becoming a virtual barber I fail putting the simplest hair on a plane. :stuck_out_tongue:

CG hair is product of Satan. No matter how hard you try it looks hella bad or crash your software. Lets say i’ve finished my full model in 7 days and hairs will take 5 days xD combing combing combing combing. Now i cant even show up my hairs. I feel so shameful.
great now i cant even export my fbx xD

Hehe. Well Im sorry the software bites you but its good to know Im not alone in the feeling-ashamed-corner :smiley:

yeap me too xD

Hey quick question about flex. I was using it with the 3rd person blueprint starter, and the collision around the character seems to just be a box. That’s fine, but recently I’ve been using flex for rain (which is fantastic btw) so the rain gathers above the player. Would it be posible to make the flex collision have a pyramid on top of the box or change it to a cone or some other shape that would better fit what I’m doing. Also, Flex fluid makes great rain collision on surfaces (other than the player of course) but it could look better when it’s falling. The function to make particles stretch with motion doesn’t affect the fluid surface, and I’m not sure how to change the fluid color, so of someone could explain that it would be helpful.

Sorry for my ignorance, have been trying to find the answer, but so many pages! Is this planned for an official engine release in the future? The results that you guys have been posting look great, and the “hair and fur shading” module on the UE4 Roadmap is currently in progress, so hope they are referring to this- the one area that UE4 is weak in is convincing hair! Also the fluid simulation looks amazing- really hope that makes it into an official release!

As far as I know there’s just about zero chance most of this will be included in an official engine release, at least until a CPU/GPU vendor agnostic implementation is finished.
It’s not hard to compile these branches though and there are and will be merged branches with different mixes of GameWorks features.

Hey mike, do you have any idea when the APEX/HairWorks DCC tools for Maya/Max 2016 will be released? Thanks!

I am suprised with vxgi, it looks amazing, even more with 2nd bounce.I can’wait for the final version.I hope it will get some optimization.

If anyone here has a GTX 970/980, could you post the framerate you get on average in the Sci-fi Hallway with VXGI? I’m very curious as to what kind of performance difference there is between Kepler and Maxwell with it, there’s a surprising lack of information on VXGI’s performance on the two architectures (other than only Maxwell is officially supported).

For reference, using my GTX 780:

VXGI diffuse and specular disabled: 240 FPS (4.4ms) when standing at one end of the hallway and looking down all the way (default player spawn)
VXGI diffuse enabled and specular disabled: 40 FPS (25ms) in the same position
VXGI diffuse and specular enabled: 25 FPS (39ms) in the same position

A GTX 970 will probably be a more accurate comparison than the 980 in this instance, since in general the performance is about the same (980 Ti would be nowhere close of course, but still worth finding out if anyone has one to test).

It doesn’t really help, but I ran it on a Titan X. Can run on a 970 later (Need to plug it in). But the results were:

VXGI diffuse and specular disabled: 300 FPS (3.3ms) when standing at one end of the hallway and looking down all the way (default player spawn)
VXGI diffuse enabled and specular disabled: 110 FPS (9ms) in the same position
VXGI diffuse and specular enabled: 80 FPS (12.5ms) in the same position

Results with a GTX 750 Ti :

VXGI diffuse and specular disabled: 85 FPS (11 ms) when standing at one end of the hallway and looking down all the way (default player spawn)
VXGI diffuse enabled and specular disabled: 14 FPS (70 ms) in the same position
VXGI diffuse and specular enabled: 10 FPS (91 ms) in the same position

EDIT: ok, now without anything it runs at 85. Don’t know what was happening. The other frame rates remain the same

Are all these results fullscreen? viewport (what size)? built and run standalone (with editor closed) or play in viewport (and maybe fullscreen)?
I want to post my 970 and my 970M results but I just want to get it right.

I just ran standalone, windowed, editor still open but minimized

HairWorks and VXGI are both implemented in DX11, hence they are ‘vendor agnostic’; yet I don’t think they will find their way into mainline UE4 anytime soon.

1920, 2560 4k?
I personally use a 4k tv as screen for the 970 I’m working on (waiting for a sli 980ti) and a fullHD screen on my laptop (970M) so the results can be quite misleading for just the FPS.

Apologies for being a nag, but even going from 1920 to 2560 can make a huge difference.

Just default, 1280x720 windowed. I don’t know what the others ran at, but I didnt change any settings, just hit launch standalone.

anyone have a link to the plugin? gethub isnt working atm

APEX plugin for Max/Maya2016 should be coming up on this week, not sure if HairWorks support is in there yet.

It sounds possible to me, the easiest thing might be to add a kinematic shape that follows the player, instead of changing the box itself.

I’ll pass that along.