NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

All of these branches are PC-only.

VXGI and HairWorks are DX11 techs primarily targeting the most recent architectures, both will run on NV or AMD, and both should run on Kepler cards if the settings are tuned back a bit. WaveWorks, Turbulence and FleX are implemented in CUDA, but will run on Kepler cards as well as Maxwell. I think HBAO+ runs across all NV-Kepler/Maxwell as well as AMD, I’ll have to verify that.


After Compile (GalaxyMan2015 4.8) When I Open The Editor It Crash Every Time… :frowning:

Hello Mike,

We are interested in using Hairworks for PS4 and Xbox One. Is there any way for us to get access to the console version of just hairworks?


I’m afraid there is no console version of HairWorks, not yet anyways.


My branch now contains the LPV updates. Everything minus the AsyncCompute, as that is only for XBOX One and requires other per-requisite commits to work, and actually results in no difference on Windows (as far as I could tell). Directional Occlusion can be enabled via the Post Processing Volume. Spotlights do work, but they cannot be “Inverse Square” and they must be very bright to even contribute.

Hey GalaxyMan, awesome job to the branches but always when i finish building your latest branch i get always error starting the unreal engine 4 exe … i got this in all of your branches…can you help?
something is wrong with the UE4Editor-engine.dll

did you build ShaderCompileWorker ?

I wonder if that AsyncCompute will be compatible with the DX12 implementation Microsoft is helping on?

Hi Galaxyman2015
Thank you for your powerful version of UE4
are there any special things I need to known about how to build your UE4?
after building it ,it always crash(and my friends’ one also crash)

Thank you again
sorry for my english

As per Gandosh’s post. There are two things you need to watch out for:

  1. VXGI requires you recompile the ShaderCompilerWorker program, otherwise you will get a crash
  2. The setup.bat will actually overwrite (if you select Y) some pre-requisites that VXGI require. So you will need to re-copy the Source\ThirdParty\NVIDIA
    vapi directory over from my branch and replace all files.

how to recompile the ShaderCompilerWorker program? choose development instead of development Editor??? or anything else ??begging for help!!!

In the solution explorer, under Programs, should be a C++ project called “ShaderCompilerWorker” right click it and select Build

Thank you so much !!!and my friends also thank you so much!!!:o:o

Thanks galaxyman2015 .
I am downloading this latest branch of yours by downloading the zip file. Hope it is also up to date.

I am new to Git. I hope git clone will give me your latest update with LPV .

A question I had is is also the git ADDRESS for other branches as well , like 4.8 , 4.7 , 4.6 . How are they distinguished , with the SAME ADDRESS ?

Once you have cloned my repo, change the branch to “4.8_NVIDIA_Techs” this is the one that contains all the NVIDIA techs, the POM material function and the latest LPV changes.

Thank you. I will try that. I hope downloading the zip file also does the job with going to the Git shell ?

As long as you select the 4.8_NVIDIA_Techs branch first (Or go directly to the link I posted when I released the branch) then download ZIP, it will download the ZIP for that branch

Thanks a lot man. Yes I selected the 4.8_NVIDIA_Techs branch first from the Dropdown menu , and then downloaded the zip. So cool !!

So, the Git shell sequence would be as far as I understand from google would be :

git clone
git branch 4.8_NVIDIA_Techs
git pull

then I am ready to go ahead with your latest LPV code , right ? Please confirm. If I am wrong or missing something please edit !!

If i did not choose Y to overwrite i dont need to backup Source\ThirdParty\NVIDIA
vapi this path right?