Not another lighting issue question

Hi guys,

I moved my project folder to a new PC and tried to rebuild lighting and it results just way to bright. Both running UE4.25.4. I adjusted the scalability to the same values as the old PC and I didn’t change anything else. I rebuild the light on the old PC and it works fine. I moved the BuildData of the map from old PC to the new one and map looks fine there.

Did I miss a config file from inside the engine folder or wizzardry going on here? I’m quite puzzled.

Thanks a lot in advance for any answer.

TO ADD: Exposure is the same as on the old PC

TO ADD: I have the same exposure settings as on the old PC

EDIT: The exposure is the same as on the old PC.

If lighting build finished it looks slightly darker than the original, afterwards I hide/unhide the map and it gets way to bright. Same happens if I restart the editor after the lighting build was finished and saved.

Seems the Answerhub is dead. Got a lot more answers in the forum. Here is the link: