Normals for light correct but material normals incorrect?

I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious

I created this tree in a program that can only export using .OBJ.
Then using Blender re-exported as FBX.

After importing into UE4 i noticed the normals were facing the right way, like this. But the material faces the wrong way. So in Blender I tried inverting the normals.

Then after re-importing you can see the material is fixed but the normals now point inwards.

This means that lights shine on the inside faces whilst the material is on the outside.

Anyone know how to invert material normals without affecting the lighting normals?
or the other way round?(invert lighting normals without affecting the material normals)

What Export and Import settings did you use? You could try to re-calculate the Normals or Normals/Tangents in UE4. Otherwise, if you are importing them from Blender, it would be useful if we could see your Export Settings there. <3

Sorry after further experimenting and using the compute normals on import into UE4, they now face outwards :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing me to look further into UE4 import settings! I have had a bit of a noob moment :stuck_out_tongue:

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