No GI / Light Bounce

We are attempting to create an interior scene similar to the “Realistic Rendering” demo. It contains a single window which will be used as are main light source via a directional light. We are only getting direct lighting from the directional light with no light bounce or GI [all lights are static]. “see attached images”.

We started with a blank project and built the level from the ground up. We have attempted to increase the number of bounces in the lightmass settings, as well as adding a post process volume.“See Images”. We have even migrated our geometry to the realistic rending demo scene for troubleshooting. The light correctly bounces in the demo therefore our lightmaps UV’s seem to be working correctly.

Furthermore we attempted to troubleshoot the lighting using the FPS template and we are also net getting any bounce or GI.

Any help would be appreciated.

You probably forgot to place a lightmass importance volume into the level which covers the building.

Thanks for the reply Jacky, we do have a lightmass volume over the entire level. Sorry we forgot to mention that in the post.

Weird then. Try building again with ambient occlusion disabled in world settings and see how it goes. If it’s still broken upload a blank project with the walls only if you like so that we can take a better look.

Turns out our AO radius was way too high. Thanks for pointing that out.