New Metahuman Face and Body Detached when using control rig

When I use control rig, the metahuman face and body are detached. It seems the control rig didn’t influence the face. Did anyone has this issue?


Yes same here, Im using Sequencer with animation and the face is not attached but also if I try to animate the body with rig the face will not follow. Think its a bug, as I tried everything possible.

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I could solve it. I did a metahuman import from Quixelbridge inside of UE 5 that was it, before this, I had my metahuman folder migrated from a 4.27 project with the old Quixelbridge version.

I’m having the same issue after applying facial animation. This is so messed up! They keep promoting how awesome it is to animate in the engine and then this happens!!! Ugh Anybody got a fix for it? I’m using UE5.03, Omniverse Audio2Face and motion capture animation for the body.

Fix: save everything and restart the engine

However, it will happen again if you add another facial animation clip… if it does just save everything and restart the engine