New Metahuman Face and Body Detached when using control rig

When I use control rig, the metahuman face and body are detached. It seems the control rig didn’t influence the face. Did anyone has this issue?


Yes same here, Im using Sequencer with animation and the face is not attached but also if I try to animate the body with rig the face will not follow. Think its a bug, as I tried everything possible.

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I could solve it. I did a metahuman import from Quixelbridge inside of UE 5 that was it, before this, I had my metahuman folder migrated from a 4.27 project with the old Quixelbridge version.

I’m having the same issue after applying facial animation. This is so messed up! They keep promoting how awesome it is to animate in the engine and then this happens!!! Ugh Anybody got a fix for it? I’m using UE5.03, Omniverse Audio2Face and motion capture animation for the body.

Fix: save everything and restart the engine

However, it will happen again if you add another facial animation clip… if it does just save everything and restart the engine

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So in my case the Fix was adding a metahuman with quixelbridge inside of UE5 that was it. The old import system for any metahuman seems broken cause of the update.

I have also faced the same problem.
But in my case, The metahuman works fine in the editor. But when I play it from Blueprint, It detaches from the player.
Can anyone help me please?

Did anyone solve this? Cause I’m stuck. Nothing suggested here seems to work and all I did was animate in unreal 5.1. I didn’t import the MHs from 5. Straight import. Any news from epic on this or a link would be very helpful. Thanks in advance

Hello everyone, I’ve had this problem with heads detaching for ages. You need to check the character BP and ensure that under animation the animation mode selected is “Use Animation Blueprint” and then under Anim Class select “Face_AnimBP_C”

In sequencer remove any overrides with animation mode. I think the default is not “Use Animation Blueprint” so that’s why heads pop!

Screenshot attached.


I’ve been running into a similar issue.
If I animate my player MetaHuman in sequencer, it’s fine with an AnimBP running (though strangely jittery), but if I want to have a specific animation asset play for the sequencer clip, even with the track shifting from AnimBP to Animation Asset, the head detaches again.
I have a simple random sequence node in my player AnimBP so that the MetaHuman is doing various idles, and getting the specific animations to work within sequencer is driving me crazy.
Watching this thread and hoping people have solutions!

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Ugh. I’m in the same boat here. Facial animation from Voice2Face and then tried applying some default motion to the body from the Metahuman demo project (which eerily matches my spoken dialogue). Head is detached from the body. As soon as I switch Animation Mode, it temporarily “snaps” into place, but that is just an illusion - as soon as you play the sequence, it’s back.

I tried manually offsetting the head animation, but that just gets nasty when the body starts to move and the head stays put.

I feel like there must be a way to “lock” the head to a bone on the body, but can’t for the life of me figure out how.

Can anyone confirm that MetaHumans don’t work in 5.1?

In 5.0 I can get the Head/Face to follow the body. In 5.1 I cannot.

Is this a bug or is there some new methodology?


Thank you this was exactly my issue. One of my sequencer metahumans had all their face bps animation modes on custom instead of anim blueprint for whatever reason. Instantly reattached heads :slight_smile:

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similar thing here while using meta human with mixamo retargeted anim and live face link i just made the live link capture while playing the full animation and set the BP_mycharacter anim to the sequence in cinematic … as long as the head and body play the same which is barely usable for interactive content ?!

Thanks man that solved the issue for me

I am having the same issue, After reading this I went into the sequence and noticed that my body animation setting is “Use Custom Mode”. Unfortunately in the sequence, I am not able to change the setting? How do I ‘override’ this?

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Metahuman Face and Body Detached when using third person

Hello guys, I figured this out if you want to use custom blueprint for the head.

First of all open “Face_AnimBP” and copy all content into your animation blueprint.

Now, once you have it all copied you can unlink this part:

Into “Blend Poses 0” now connect your own logic. Create all required variables and you are good to go, the face should be attached to the body :slight_smile:

If anyone is still having this problem, none of the info on these threads quite worked for me, but I figured it out by building off of what you guys shared here (and in a couple other threads). I posted a tutorial here Unreal Engine 5 Head Reattachment Tutorial | Metahuman Animator - YouTube

Also, I do explain in there how to override the Use Custom mode if you’re still struggling with that

When you record animations with the take recorder, the animations will have a flag that says “Force Custom Mode.” You can find it in the property of the animation in the recorded sequence. You have to turn that off, otherwise, it’s always going back to custom mode instead of using the Face Animation blueprint.