Nanite is used in the scene but not supported by your graphics hardware and/or driver. Meshes will not render using Nanite

Did you update it without downloading the tool from the site I posted here? If you have updated within “Windows Update”, then chances are that it has updated to the latest version, but DirectX 12 resources have not been updated. That’s what is causing this Nanite error to keep noticing you. I also tried that way, I mean, using “Windows Update”, but it didn’t update DirectX 12. Don’t worry about your system, because your graphics card is pretty awesome and it meets the requirements that Nanite needs. Also, your AMD CPU. What is causing the problem is DirectX 12. I tried even to update DirectX 12 using an executable DirectX 12 download, but it also didn’t solve the problem. It seems that Windows 10 and DirectX 12 must be updated to the latest version, like a clean installation, and without using the “Windows Update” to update. I even got Nanite working and Sample City on a GTX 1080 graphics card. Your Windows 10 may appear updated to the latest version, but it’s still not fully updated to the latest DirectX 12 features, and also Windows 10 latest main features that work together with DirectX 12. The only way is to update using the tool from the site. Mine is working fine after updating using the tool that I downloaded from the official Microsoft site. I do really hope you can get your UE5 Nanite working.

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我的电脑配置:【处理器:AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3955WX 16-Cores。内存128GB。显卡:NVIDIA GeForce ETX 3090】—我的AMD-CPU能用吗?这套搭配可以吗?


Your whole system is awesome and yes it’s perfect to use UE5, Nanite, and Lumen. Awesome CPU and GPU. Here’s the thing, try doing this: Go to PROJECT SETTINGS, then in the search bar right above type: RHI Then check if DirectX 12 is set, no DEFAULT, OR DIRECTX 11. Nanite uses only DirectX 12 to work from now on said the guys at Epic Games. Here’s a picture I got from one of the users above. I also thank him for this


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My PC was updated without losing files, or programs installed when I updated using the Update Tool. But, yes do a backup of your files in case of any issues. I would advise buying an original version of Windows 10, or 11 since it’s too risky to use a pirated version, or it may be the reason why Windows 10 isn’t fully updated. We won’t know for sure until you do the update using the tool from Microsoft. You can fly with your PC specs . :slight_smile: They’re awesome! I do hope you can get to start taking a walk in the Sample City from the Matrix Awakens. The guys at Epic Games are awesome! It was nice chatting with you, and good luck getting Nanite up and going. I’m sure you will fix this sooner than we think. Positive mindset! Thank you too. Bye.

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忘了了解你,你的正版windows 10是家庭版还是专业版?windows 11能运行

My Windows is 10 Professional and it is original. I also thought about updating it to Windows 11, but I decided to update Windows 10 to the latest version. I was kind of sad when I downloaded UE5 and Nanite didn’t work showing that message, but I kept trying to solve that problem. I tried first using “Vulkan API” instead of DirectX 12. The shaders began to compile and I could see the meshes of the buildings, streets cars. You can do that to see, but “Vulkan API” it seems can’t use Nanite or Lumen. There’s a video from the guys at Epic Games talking about “Vulkan”, but I haven’t watched it yet. If you decide to use “Vulkan API” just to test, be sure it takes a long time to compile the shaders. You will see the City Sample beginning to show, but it’s just for the test. Nanite and Lumen work with DirectX 12.

我在看Microsoft的官网,windows 10 专业版(仅限企业购买),首次购买限5个许可起订。我不是企业,个人用。是不是买不了。windows 10 家庭版,是不是不好?

Ah, I forgot to talk about myself. My Name is Marco and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been studying and working with games since 1999 when I learned about a German company that launched a game engine called " GameStudio". I played games and I love everything about games, especially game development. I have also studied electronics because I loved how electrons work inside the components, like transistors, capacitors, diodes, and computers. It’s so cool to know this stuff. I really do love game art and everything related to technology. I don’t know if you also love that. I was born in São Paulo city. I speak Portuguese and English, but I’m also learning other languages. I also learned C# and C++. That’s a bit about me. :slight_smile:

正要想了解一下你,谢谢你的介绍。我来自中国,也非常喜欢玩各种单机游戏,最近今年才自学ue4。我是美术专业毕业。我还喜欢做动画片,微电影等,现在从事这类工作。 :grinning:

Home Edition also works with no problem, but if you want to use Windows for professional reasons, it would be nice to buy a Professional Edition. But there’s no problem buying a Home, it works with UE5 and Nanite. If you want to make sure if it’s compatible with UE5, you can ask questions via Microsoft forums, or those who use it with UE5. Too sad you don’t find a Pro where you live. There’s a Windows 10, 11 ISO that you can download from Microsoft and install from a clean installation. When you install it, they give you the option to put in a Windows Product Key or leave it blank to buy later the Product Key. You can install it completely, but it will prompt you to say that your Windows hasn’t been activated yet. The ISO will not update your system but install it clean .


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Cool! We’re game lovers then! :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll enjoy even more working with UE5. Wow, learned by yourself. That’s awesome! I guess solving problems is the main part of those who love technology. I hope you fix this Nanite problem. UE5 is using Windows and DirectX 12 latest features, and it’s normal we face some issues sometimes, but we don’t give up, do we? :slight_smile: :wink: Nice to meet you! Greetings from Brazil to China. :wink:

I don’t use social media because it was distracting my focus as a game dev. Now, I’m just using Unreal Engine forums or YouTube, the Unreal tutorial site. I don’t know if there’s a way to add you here. I think you can add me on Epic Launcher. I will find a way to add you to my Epic Launcher. I’m not home right now, because I’m using my notebook to use the internet. I will be home on Monday, then we can chat here, and I’ll try to put you on Epic Launcher. I could use the site to do that, but I don’t know if it’s possible. Maybe, Monday will be better. Maybe we can share thoughts about developing games. :slight_smile:

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Hi, If you have any group, please invite me too. I’m a solo developer. I 'm feeling really lonely for this journey. I’ve been really enjoying getting to know you and am excited to keeping learning more. :star_struck:


Cool, we can all chat about game development. It would be nice to have a game development group that can discuss ideas about game development, programming, and computer logic. I watched a YouTube video where a guy made a project of a Resident Evil-like system using Blueprint, but I changed it a bit. I’m still working on it, but I’m now migrating it into Unreal Engine 5. It kind of broke the project a bit, and I’m trying to solve that problem. We live by solving problems when dealing with developing games, or working with technology. :slight_smile: That’d be awesome to create a group.


i have 3090 and my windows version is windows10 professional 1909