More Detailed Graphics Documentation

I recently had a look at the rendering code in the engine. It is quite complicated and it is difficult to figure out how it all links together. I am used to graphics programming. I have written my own renderer in Directx 11. However, it is obviously very basic in comparison to UE4. It only uses a deferred local lighting model. When it comes to writing shaders, I am used to just writing the shader in HLSL, compiling and loading it from a .fx file at runtime. Though it is very unclear as to how and where shaders should be added for UE4 to pick them up. I looked at the UE4 graphics documentation and it gives a very high level overview but I think it should provide more detail. For example, when I implement skeletal animation in my engine, I create a structured buffer of joints and weights for the character and bind them as shader resource views to the graphics pipeline for the vertex shader. The vertex shader then accesses these buffers for each vertex to perform skinning to get the vertex’s model space position and then multiplies that by the world view projection matrix to get the screen space position. The documentation should describe how meshes are created from the fbx model data; where the vertex, index and other data buffers are created; where they are bound to the pipeline (RHI); where the joint orientations of the skeleton are computed each frame, where skinning is performed for skeletal meshes (cpu, vertex shader, compute shader), where the shaders to use are determined and bound to the graphics pipeline and how these shaders are loaded by the engine from the .hlsl files. I don’t expect detail on algorithms used or on each line of C++ and HLSL code but just some more detail on the flow and structure from the creation to the rendering of geometry. Could the documentation be updated to provide this? Thanks and apologizes for the long post :).