Metahuman hair reflecting strangely with lumen

Hi all,
I am having issues with the hair on some of my metahumans. When hitting a certain angle of light it gives off an exremely bright and shiny hair effect which shouldnt be there. I beleive it has something to with how lumen is impacting the lighting of the strands.
LODs are set to 0.
IMage with Sky light turned off -
Image with skylight (and i assume lumen lighting) on -

Ive tried almost everything in the hair settings within the metahuman.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have any emissive material in your scene? (Like the phone’s screen)

I had a similar problem and I “fixed” it removing the emissive material, apparently Lumen doesn’t handle it very well yet:


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the only emmisive material seems to be the skylight. I cant find any other emmive materials. Ive had this issue in multiple projects now and just cant seem to find a fix for the shiny glowing hair

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There is a setting, i think under experimental in proj settings, deep…something setting I saw earlier that mentioned it helped with hair… finish compiling shaders and ill look for it

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Cast deep shadow, in the directional light (i assume other lights as well)

After looking it up Im not sure that would help but worth a try…

Hi, did you ever manage to find the solution to this? I am currently dealing with the same issue