Maximum object scale

Right now I’m currently working on a project that involves space. The engine using single point precision has already started limiting what I want/can do with the project in terms of world size, but what I don’t know is the scale that the planets can be without causing errors in lighting and physics. Can an engine dev please help me out with this?

I’m no Dev but:
the UE4 engine is limited to 20KM Cubed before physics fail(using the default of 1 unit = 1cm)

You may need to write a custom physics wrapper for world space alterations(because technically, UE4 can allow for unlimited worlds, by adjusting world origin on a per player basis.)

The source code is available for custom alterations.

I don’t really see a need for a custom physics wrapper since I can fake scale by making the planets in excess of 75uu and making the player ship <1uu/lowering speed. I had planned on using origin shifting but I’m pretty sure that there is no in-engine solution for shifting the origin in multiplayer.

You will run into a lot of issues with physics and lighting if you scale things down that much.

So far it seems to be working alright at around .25uu for the flying ship pawn, though if it does start to cause issues I can raise that size up closer to 1uu.

You could always make separate “zones” they have to warp between, or jump gates etc… its not always a game style choice, sometimes it’s added to games because then you dont have to worry about world origin shifting. and breaking the physics engine over a certain scale (unless you handle your own physics)

I actually have a solution built to handle the engine limitation, so I guess this thread can be closed or set as resolved.