Making bottom part of Destructable mesh Static (Not Moveable)

Is there a way i can make my bottom part / chunk Static.
And the rest of the mesh destructable / With Physics and Gravity.

is a link to a thread on the forums on what exacely am trying to do.

Thanks for any help.


You’ll need to use Nvidia’s PhsyX Lab standalone app for destruction or you’ll need to use the 3ds Max/Maya PhysX plugin to get that result.

You can find more information about their free plugin and application on their site at Developer.Nvidia.Com

In UE4 you can only setup one depth layer. You will need at least two to have the support chunk like you’re seeing in the video on the forums post.

Nvidia’s tutorials are a good place to start as well. They are slightly outdated vs the software they provide but it’s easy enough to get through.

If you have any questions about destruction feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Thank you i need to read up on all this thanks for the info.
I`le be back.


Having some issues with making a SPeedTree model destructable is there some restrictions there?

[Someone on the forums asked a similar question regarding Destructible Meshes and SpeedTree.][1]

I’ll go over the finer points as well. :slight_smile:

There are some considerations when using any mesh for a destructible. If you’re creating it in UE4 you won’t be able to do anything beyond a destruction depth of 1. This means that you have depth 0 which is the base mesh. Layer 1 will be the fracture and fall apart. That is all you can do inside UE4.

If you want more control you’ll need to use PhysXLabs to get multiple depths. Personally if I were doing the tree I would only take the trunk and limbs into PhysXLabs for creating the depths. The leaves planes should be a separate mesh when destroyed that it falls with the tree or turns to a particle system.

With SpeedTrees you’ll need to be aware of some of the caveats of the fracture tool.

  • Fracturing single planes (ie. the
    leaves planes) will sometimes cause
    spikes that generate.
  • The trunk and limbs of the mesh have
    an open face at their end. This will
    leave your fractured mesh with holes
    in it. Since it’s not a contiguous
    model with capped ends it doesn’t
    generate the end caps when destroyed.
    see picture below.


Reworking the SpeedTree asset or creating your own from scratch would be my best suggestion though.

Feel free to ask any questions. Destructibles can be cumbersome to pick up on but they sure are fun and look great when you get them working just right! :slight_smile:


PhysXLab is not Mac compatible is it?