Luoshuang's GPULightmass

Any news about multi gpu support? GPU 0 and GPU1, not SLI

Hello Guys.

Is it true that the version 4.26.2 only works with a raytrace capable videocard as stated here?

Or I can use it with a GTX 1060?

Epic’s GPU lightmass needs RTX. This one (Luoshang’s) doesn’t.

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Thanks a lot. I suspected that because it works wuth CUDA, but since I’m new in all this, I was confused when I saw the video. I’ve tried and it works fine.

Has any one got the Luoshangs GPU lightmass working through swarm as a distributed lightbuild?
I have the swarm working but it is not distributing the build. Any help with setting this up would be great! My remote pc says available but unassigned.

I upgraded my computer to 64G RAM and used fewer trees with wider branches. It worked. VRAM isn’t a problem. It only takes about 6G VRAM, and I’m using an rtx2080.

Hows your vram doing during the render? Check it on the task manager, looks like you are running out of vram.

Works for me

Fantastic. Any chance a 4.27 compatible version is available?