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GPU Lightmass 4.27.0-release

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Small Apartment design

Unreal engine 4.26 : GPU Lightmass & Raytracing

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Thanks for watching !

Getting a repeated error when Building my Light maps in 4.27
“MapCheck: Error: WorldSettings Maps need lighting rebuilt”

The Luoshuang progress bar comes up momentarilly but then my build always fails.

Spent an hour googling but no results so far.

Can anyone suggest troubleshooting steps?

What´s up you guys. Is there any tutorial regarding how to install and change the quality option on the lightmass to 4.27 version? Best regards.

Thanks as always, @pax_invictus , for keeping this alive!

Do you know if it will be able to be addapted to UE5? Have you made any try already?

Thank you again!

I definitely want to try at some point. Currently I’m too busy with my day job. It is highly likely that the time and effort required will be more than I can afford to invest at the moment. This all depends on how much the UE5 codebase diverges from UE4.

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Had the same error last week.
Everything in my scene was modeled by me or used from Evermotion or CGAxis.
One model was from 3dsky and had some splines as well that were from the floor plan.
Deleted the 3dsky model and it started working. Had to remodel that sofa.
If you have anything downloaded from the internet try removing it and see how it goes.
Also try cleaning and validating swarm cache after you remove the rogue asset.

GPU Lightmass 5.0 Early Access 2

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Wow, what a genius over here!

I hope I can try it during this week and publish some tests, thanks!!

Was it so divergent from UE4?

It actually went as smoothly as I could have hoped for. There were no conflicts requiring manual resolution during the cherry picking process. This is entirely a testament to the sound software architecture practices employed by the UE developers and especially Luoshuang!

While I appreciate the kind words, my only contribution is to know just enough to be able to resolve merge conflicts when they occur and find my way around compiling the thing.