Looking for contractor/paid Open World Survival


Looking for contractors to join my team currently creating an open world survival game looking for people who has experienced in these areas,

Interaction design,
UI/UX improvements to an existing baseline application
C++ & coding experience would be a plus
AI Developer
Sound Developer
3D Modeler
Texture / Material Artist

Please send email to with example’s of your work and hourly rate.


Updated all the above

Hi @fewkesyy I have participated on several projects and I highly recommend you set up a Discord and put together a Google Design Doc (example) to discuss the Game and its requirements. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending lots of time and money, with little progress. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

For common game mechanics, much of the under-the-hood programming could be acquired from marketplacesto fit your budget. You don’t have to start from scratch for everything, and if you plan on doing so, I can assure you, your game will never see the light-of-day. Its much faster to start with a working subsystem, iterate over it and tweak. Additionally, lots of FREE stuff in the Marketplace too. Just because its free, don’t mean its poor quality.

About Me

I enjoy FPS, RPGs, Horror, Survival Games. I have +5 years experience with UE4 Blueprints with emphasis on Multiplayer and run-time Semi-Procedural Construction/Assembly subsystems. I’ve practically touched every area you mentioned and dabbled with every Tool in UE4 Editor. Over the 5 years, I’ve also amassed a large library of Marketplace Assets, and have come to specialize in Integrating different assets, I would call myself a Game Subsystems Integrator. I charge $2 per minute for consultation payable via paypal or cashapp. Non-refundable, Non-negotiable.

Development XP:


  1. Ninja Action Game
  2. Alien Invasion | Kaiju Survival Terror
  3. Multi-dimensional FPS Shooter


  1. A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op FPS Action RPG Roguelike Dungeon Crawl Treasure Hunt for Cash!
  2. Zombie Survival Game with Flesh-golem Monsters constructed from body parts resurrected by Electricity
  3. Alien Survival Terror
  4. Mixed Artstyle Hybrid Action RPG
  5. Next Gen 3D FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox & Asset Store
  6. Low Poly Shooter


@fewkesyy Hey, I am a 3d artist currently looking for a project to get into. I mostly use blender to build models and animations. I am pretty proficient in unreal engine when it comes to weapons and creating fluid, satisfying character movements and interactions. I have a vast library of materials, textures and weapon models both low poly and high resolution ready to go.